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"Creative Wavelength"

31 Jan

I came across this posting on design*sponge today and it immediately reminded me on the Chanel Couture Spring 2009 show. So much so that I was sure the artist behind these truly whimsical paper installations had to at least be a part of the inspiration for Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring 09 collection.

photo credit: reposted via design*sponge via Rebecca Niederlander

Well, I was wrong… but this did reminded me of a moment while in design school in San Francisco. The class I was taking was “Creating a Garment Business” and the topic at hand was a popular belief that there is some sorta “creative wavelength” that all creative people tap into. Now I know that might sound a little crazy… but seriously think about it. Creative people are such because they have a certain way of thinking. A different way of looking at and then interpreting their surroundings. The thought of a “creative wavelength” would explain why many times designers may come out with the exact same trends, color patterns, silhouettes etc. at the exact same time… which means they couldn’t of possibly copied the other but instead were thinking on the same “creative wavelength”.

Case in point… Karl Lagerfeld (designer/creative director behind Chanel) and artist Rebecca Niederlander were obviously operating on the same wavelength for a moment. I cant help but wonder how much the Chanel Couture Spring 2009 show would have benefited if they had Rebecca Niederlander’s installations as a part of their set….

photo credit:

All daydreaming aside… If like me you would love to see more of Rebecca’s installation but are not in the LA area, click here for additional pics. As for Chanel, check out images of the entire Spring 2009 collection. Absolutely stunning! Below are my favs =)


Top 5 Picks from Chanel Couture Spring 2009:

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Mirror Inspiration via

31 Jan
Introducing my next weekend project…
Mirror Recessed Windows

photo credit: Ditte Isager via

Below instructions provided by I decided to re post in its entirety as the website will no longer exisit in the near future =(


• Line side panels or walls with mirrors and voilà: Light from any direction bounces around (kind of like a Pong game), suffusing the room.

• Just glue the glass panels onto the walls with mirror adhesive, or for a more finished effect, frame with decorative molding. (All mirrors will need some temporary support while drying; heavy mirrors may require permanent hardware.)

Antiqued mirror (similar to shown) Custom from $30/square foot, for information. Mirror adhesive GE silicone #2 clear $3.72 for stores. Tray with stand Washed woven rattan $225 Barclay Butera (949) 650-8570.

Oh No!!! ….Domino

31 Jan

Well… I stepped away from the blog world for a week only to return to the worst news ever. Domino Magazine like many others has been hit by the economic down turn and will be closing shop, with their last issue being March 2009. I truly am devastated!!!

Now as you know my first love is fashion… but I think fashion, home decor & design go hand in hand and honestly Domino is the one magazine that I HAVE to have and the one that I constantly revisit. With my fashion magazines I usually hang on to them for a little while before doing a clean sweep, collecting tear sheets for inspiration and then purging the actually magazine… but with Domino, every page is inspiring and in result I save the entire issue. (I only wish I had all the back issues. Sad but true fact: I was a little late in the game in terms of realizing Domino’s wonderfulness)

Domino Magazine you will be missed!!!

For more blog post’s about the effect of this devastating news click below:
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Also check out “A Note From Domino”:

Dear readers

It is with very heavy hearts that we say farewell. Over the last 4 years, in 28 issues, we have done our best to create a great magazine. We started with a real idea—that style is for everyone—and tried to carry it out with stories that provide inspiration and empower you to act on it. From your tremendous response, we know that we were onto something. In this tough economy, however, we simply weren’t able to get the advertising support we needed.

As domino evolved, we never lost sight of our original democratic premise. Looking back at the manifesto we published in the premiere issue, the first tenet of domino is still the truest: Home should make you happy. We hope we have played a part in making this come true for you.

All the editors of domino

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Sunday Morning Bloom’s 1/25/09

25 Jan


photo credit: Chippy Neil via

A lifetime of wishes & dreams realized!

21 Jan
Neighborhood Ball, Washington DC
Presidential Inauguration

Prof that Wishes & Dreams CAN come true!

Here’s to President Barack Obama & 1st Lady Michelle Obama.

photo credit:
Yahoo News!

God Bless America,

The Eve of Change… 1/19/08

20 Jan

Earlier today…before it started to look like a giant snow globe here in NYC… I ventured out to Target to pick up some much needed cleaning supplies. While strolling the isles I came across this tiny little book on the shelf with the word CHANGE written largely across the cover and a rather interesting sketch of what looked like the back of Obama. We’ll let me throw a fun little fact your way… I LOVE all things having to do with our soon to be President (in a matter of hours) Barack H. Obama. So of course I picked up the book and was instantly filled with inspiration. Barack has inspired millions upon millions of Americans and given us hope not only for our future as a country but for our future as individuals. This book “Change Has Come, An Artist Celebrates Our American Spirit” is a beautiful, creative, heartfelt, inspiring celebration of one of the biggest moments in our history.

The book includes 28 sketches, two of which I included below, along side words spoken by President Obama in various speeches dating back to the moment when many of us wondered who this man was, July 27, 2004, during the Keynote address at the 2004 DNC.

“The audacity to hope- for what we can and must achieve tomorrow” -President Barack H. Obama

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you the best part… the author, Kadir Nelson, is a graduate of Pratt Institute in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn (my current hometown)… and now currently lives with his family in California (my home state). Sounds like a great guy to me!

Okay… enough talk, go pick up the book. Believe me, this is a moment you wont want to forget! The moment when wishes and dreams have become reality.


Kisses & Hugs,

Sunday Morning Bloom’s

19 Jan

Not ordinary… but extraordinary!!!!
Passiflora aka Passion Flower

photo credit: perseverando via flicker

Current Obsession: BADgal Lash PLUM

12 Jan

benefit, BADgal Lash Plum Mascara, $19.00

Currently my daily makeup routine is not complete without Benefits BADgal lash in Plum. This mascara is perfection. I can not tell you how many compliments I have received since wearing it. The plum color is so subtle yet gives your eyes a new fresh look and slight pop of color causing those close enough, to stare into your eyes while trying to figure out whats different. I absolutely love it!

BUY IT, TRY IT…. Thank me later =)


Barking Brown

11 Jan
What is Barking Brown: “well, it speaks to a lot including diversity (mix a whole slew of colors, like white black and yellow, and what do you get…brown) and the uniqueness of and importance of our own voices(barking).”Myrtle Minutes: Barking Brown

Today I spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon with a dear friend of my Rachel. We had brunch at The Speak Easy, on Greene only a few blocks away from me… witnessed an underground fire… went shopping at Barking Brown on Myrtle ave… tried to go shopping in DUMBO and shared some great conversation about leaving the country.

Above is a picture of the super cute things that now belong to me. All thanks to barking brown. The earmuffs are a gray tweed with white spots and my favorite was the charcoal gray knitted handbag with metallic pewter trim. Both on sale and both compliment my weekend wardrobe perfectly!

Barking Brown is such a great store… if your ever in the neighborhood, add them to you list of must sees. Believe, you will thank me later.

Au revoir!

Currently Coveting: Birdcage Armorie’s

11 Jan

Maybe its a part of the fairytale fantasy that I like to create in my head but none the less I would absolutely love to own one of these beautiful birdcage armories one day for my bedroom. Oh, how it reminds me of Cinderella and the scene where with the help of all her furry friends they create a beautiful dress and hang it on the outside of her beautifully crafted armoire. Now hold it right there… I am by no means asking for the furry friends. In my fairytale (and in life) I create the dress on my own!

Now if only I could find one that is both aesthetically pleasing to me and in my price range… then I could making this fantasy a reality.

Until then… below are a few I am currently coveting:

Spotted on
J. M. Georgagi, hardwood in Fresh Lime finish. “Cheri” $1,799

Spotted on Bella Maison International:
French Reproduction Antique Louis XV Single Door Armoire

Spotted on
“Provence” Armorie Wardrobe $1,895

One day I will have my beautiful birdcage armorie and then I can “decorate” it with all of my accessories (hats, gloves, handbags, scarfs, belts, necklaces, rings, braclets etc.) I imagine it to turn out somewhat like the inside of Makingitlovely’s closet pictured below.