The Eve of Change… 1/19/08

20 Jan

Earlier today…before it started to look like a giant snow globe here in NYC… I ventured out to Target to pick up some much needed cleaning supplies. While strolling the isles I came across this tiny little book on the shelf with the word CHANGE written largely across the cover and a rather interesting sketch of what looked like the back of Obama. We’ll let me throw a fun little fact your way… I LOVE all things having to do with our soon to be President (in a matter of hours) Barack H. Obama. So of course I picked up the book and was instantly filled with inspiration. Barack has inspired millions upon millions of Americans and given us hope not only for our future as a country but for our future as individuals. This book “Change Has Come, An Artist Celebrates Our American Spirit” is a beautiful, creative, heartfelt, inspiring celebration of one of the biggest moments in our history.

The book includes 28 sketches, two of which I included below, along side words spoken by President Obama in various speeches dating back to the moment when many of us wondered who this man was, July 27, 2004, during the Keynote address at the 2004 DNC.

“The audacity to hope- for what we can and must achieve tomorrow” -President Barack H. Obama

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you the best part… the author, Kadir Nelson, is a graduate of Pratt Institute in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn (my current hometown)… and now currently lives with his family in California (my home state). Sounds like a great guy to me!

Okay… enough talk, go pick up the book. Believe me, this is a moment you wont want to forget! The moment when wishes and dreams have become reality.


Kisses & Hugs,

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