Sunday Morning Bloom’s 2/22/09

23 Feb
Queen of the Night

photo credit: by dhyanji via flickr

Now I know this weekly feature is called Sunday”Morning” Blooms… and here I am posting at 11:27pm on Sunday evening, but fear not I do have good reason. The flower you see above is a very unique flower. One which blooms only once a year, and ONLY at night. See I told you I had a valid reason for posting so late 😉

The above flower is a bloom from a plant appropriately referred to as “Queen of the Night” or Night-blooming cereus. You see the flower that blooms only once a year does so as the temperature drops well into the evening and will only last for 6-8 hours. Joanna Pertz of Desert Queen says that “Witnessing the miraculous event of its bloom is like watching the Cinderella of the desert become the bell of the ball. But alas, dawn is “midnight” for this Cinderella, as the flower wilts and the queen of the night becomes just a plain, inconspicuous cactus for another year.”

I myself have never heard of this plant before but upon discovering it in a search was instantly intrigued. I want to own one of these plants someday so that I too can witness God’s wonderful imagination and creativity that went into the creation of the “Queen of the night”.

Sweet Dreams…

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