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Candy Girl… You Are My World

31 Mar
Love Candy Print $25, MadeByGirl

I have been eying this print above from MadeByGirl for quite some time now but couldn’t decided which color to get. Although I love color and simply can’t see decorating with out it, there is something about the subdued effect of the newly featured Seafoam Love Candy Print that I love. I think it would look absolutely perfect in my bedroom.

I recently discovered MadeByGirl when I first started reading Jennifer’s blog, and since then I have been following her postings for the past 6 months now. Her blog is AMAZING! Filled with so much C.O.L.O.R (which I adore) and tons of inspiration! Not to mention shes an amazing designer as well… check out her Etsy shop & her website for unique and eco-friendly cards & prints.


The British are coming…

31 Mar

…and I couldn’t be happier!!!

TOPSHOP is (finally) opening in NYC!!! Mark your calendars, April 2nd is the Grand Opening, and lets just say Soho will never be the same. Sure we already have Zara, H&M, M.A.N.G.O. & Forever21, but Topshop has Kate Moss! That, and well, its just plain exciting that its the first one venturing across the pond, to The States.

Since I can barely keep my wallet closed in anticipation of the opening, I have been searching the website looking for must have items (ones that will hopefully be there after opening weekend). Come’on… Yes. I love fashion, but do you really think I am going to purposely pack myself in to a over hyped store, only to have to fight to the death for the last dress in my size… then wait hours upon hours in a line that seems to be moving nowhere, all in the name of fashion… You bet!!!

Early bird gets the worm! See ya at sunrise…


Short Bow Back Trench
The Perfect jacket for a summer mid-day thunderstorm.

Floral Playsuit
Perfect when paired with the Zig Zag Brim Hat (also a must-have), for strolling the streets of NYC on a Sunday afternoon.

Zig Zag Brim Trilby
The perfect accessory for all your summer looks.

Indigo Double Waist Hotpant
Some like it hot… and in these short’s you will too! Perfect when paired with a basic scoop neck tee and the Brouge shoe (featured below).

KAMERYN Brogue Shoe
A classic menswear inspired shoe ready for a comeback!

Belted Check Playsuit
Perfect for day…Check! With this little number you’ll be ready to play.

Frill Sleeve Empire Dress
Simple yet sexy… you’ll leave them Green with envy!

Quilted Denim Bodycon Dress
This denim is anything but basic… fitted waist, sweat heart neckline & seaming in all the right places.

Long Sleeve Cardi
Throw this on when the air condition is set a little too high.

Patent Cut Out Waisted Belt
Accentuate your waist with summer friendly patent.

Sunday Morning Bloom’s 3/29/09

29 Mar

The Blooming Flowers
of the Mimosa Tree

Photo Credit: Firework…??? by: Sharpee via Fickr

The perfect flower to represent the awesomeness that is Spring, right on the verge to explode after a long cold winter… Believe me, I’m counting down the days here in NYC. But until then, I will have to just sit back and enjoy this gloomy, Sunday Afternoon!


Some Where Over the Rainbow…

23 Mar

…Where skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true.

The lullaby continues… suddenly, its a twister…. then Dorothy hits her head and falls fast asleep… awaking to a bright beautiful land. The Land of OZ. Well after a long cold Winter, I’m just about ready to drop a house on some… JUST KIDDING. But I can honestly say I have always been a fan of C.O.L.O.R., which is why I’m so excited for Spring/Summer this year.

This season is ALL about color… all shades and hues. And since Spring weather is right around the corner here in NYC, I thought I would put together a collage of colorful dresses to brighten up your wardrobe a bit. We also can’t ignore the current financial situation (as much as we try) but with all of these options you wont have to sacrifice style just because dare I say it… your now living on a budget. Now is the time to be a recessionista fashionista and “taste the rainbow”. All dress featured are 100% debit card friendly, ranging from $14.90 -$68.00.

1. Mini Dress, Poppy $29.00 2. Floral Knit , Pink $17.80 3. Samantha Woven Hot Pink $19.80 4. Scoop Neck Empire Coral $14.90 5. Belted Halter , Coral $54.50 6. Bustier Dress, Watermelon $44.99 7. Strapless Tube Dress, Coral $29.00 8. Empire Maxi Dress, Pink $16.98 9. Braided Maxi Dress, Orange $24.80 10. Double-layer Dress, Fiesta Coral $29.00 11. Sunshine Ruffle, yellow $58.00 12. Tonia Knit $17.80, Mustard

1. Cotton Banded Bottom Kelly Green $49.00 2. Bettina Knit, Green $39.50 3. Die Dye\, Green $39.50 4. Butterfly Hem Maxi, Jade/Pink $29.80 5. Grecian Knit, Jade $17.80 6. Strapless Denim, $68.00 7. Tiny Babydoll, Blue $14.90 8. Ruffle-Front V-Neck, Blue $39.50 9.Ruffle Scoop Neck, Purple $36.50 10. Sarah Halter, Navy $22.80

1. Applique Jersey, Purple $24.80 2.Dolman Sleeve Grecian, Purple $39.50 3. Beaded Halter, Sapphire $39.50 4. Crochet Back, Grey $39.50

Go ahead… buy a few or three or four, I wont tell! Think of it this way… you can update your Spring Wardrobe and help stimulate the economy. Its a win, win situation!


If These’s Walls Could Talk…

19 Mar

I came across this “fashionista” wall paper a few weeks back and every since I have been killing myself trying to figure out what website I found it one. I can’t for the life of me remember. I so wish I could find it again. I would love to wall paper the inside of my closet with this print. How fabulous would that be?!?

If only, these walls could talk… they would tell me where to find this wall paper!!!

Plastic Never Looked So Good!

19 Mar

Barbie really does have it all; a new re-vamped wardrobe (designed by Mr. Lagerfeld), a hot upgraded Ken and looks that could kill. Not to mention the fact that she hasn’t seemed to age a day in the past 50 years…gosh, I want to be Barbie!!! I mean seriously, I have grown up loving her ever so… but that love has just intensified once I got a peek at this even more fashion forward Miss B.

Swoon worthy… I think so!!!

Below Barbie strikes a pose with model Baptiste Giabiconi as Ken in an exhibit which started March 9th running through the 28th created by Karl Lagerfeld. Now if I could just get a ticket to Paris, I would be all set! =)

When you look this good, who cares if your plastic!


Photo Credit: via colette

***For more information on the exhibit click here***


18 Mar

When I first read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes (I think back in 2nd or 3rd grade) I fell in love with Origami. Although I admit, I haven’t actually done any Origami since way back when… but I can tell you, that at the time, I had EVERY How-to Origami book that was available. What can I say, when I like something I really like it. The feeling may fade quickly (I blame that on my short attention span) but when I enjoy doing something, my imagination kicks in and I want to do/know it ALL… at least for the moment.

Well, now that you have a little background info, you will understand why when I came across this Fashion Origami Set, I thought it was the cutest thing ever and I had to have one. How cute would these little paper creations be propped up on my desk? So much cuteness, its hard to bare!

P.S. The paper is included with the set. How much better can it get?! =)

P.S.S. How cute is that Green dress above?!

Photo Credit: via

Lucky Cupcakes!

18 Mar
Photo Credit: via

St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Cupcake
via. Martha Stewart

For the recipe, click here!

*Try a Green fruit roll-up for the clover on top or Sour Punch Green Apple Straws cut and shaped in top 3 or 4 leaf clovers.

Green With Envy!

17 Mar

Green With Envy!
Green With Envy! – by fairytalewishes on

Click on the pic above for details on all items featured.

I created this collage over at in honor of my new favorite color along with a whimsical little holiday honoring tiny leprechauns, rainbows, gold and green beer… oh, and that St. Patrick guy. (FYI: my mom is Irish so I can laugh a little at this commercialized holiday)

Also check out this beautiful handbag by Michael Kors recently added to my collection two weeks ago. I’m telling you, about 6 months ago I developed a strong attraction to the color Green & it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Kelly, Emerald, Grass and Crayola… I love them all!!!

Here is a pic of my NEW bag…

But in this color!!!

Michael Kors $428

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Color Me Purple!

15 Mar
Photo Credit: Home & Garden

I came across this absolutely stunning image on one of my new favorite recently discovered blogs… Peacock Feathers. Purple is my FAVORITE color and well… I’ve always been a sucker for Purple & Gold… my high school colors along with the LA Lakers =) So its not a surprise that I love this decor! I would love to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in this room… sipping some acai berry green tea and watching a classic Audrey Hepburn Film, possibly crocheting a lovely scraf as well. Awww… the good life!


p.s. Wouldn’t that wall paper featured be amazing in my boudoir!!! I can see it on a beautiful extravagant handmade headboard or even hung on the inside of one of these beautiful birdcage armories that I covet.

Note to self: Conduct web search for similar wall paper ASAP.