Michelle O. My…

9 Mar

I was just catching up on bloomacious and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the April issue of O Magazine. Since I can remember I have never seen ANYONE other than Oprah on the cover of O Magazine… but I mean who can blame her for wanting to share the spotlight with First Lady Michelle Obama. I do admit the cover does look a tad strange… more like a tabloid photo catching them mid sentence as apposed to your typical glossy worthy photo shoot. BUT… I will say I think it fits them perfectly… Oprah is a media empire and Michelle… well she is married to our very own Rock Star worthy President and pretty important herself, so I do think its fitting that the cover shot is sorta “catching them in action”. Its as if their lives are so busy (which they are) that they can’t be bothered with silly photo shoots. I approve!

Oh and did I forget to mention… Michelle looks absolutely FAB!!! I love… LOVE the color combo, so vibrant and fresh. Also it seems that Michelle is starting to form a mini fashion love affair with a certain American Designer… once again, Michelle is wearing none other than Michael Kors. Work it Miss First Lady! The world is watching!!!


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