9 Mar

Gossip Girl here….

Leighton Meester for Reebok
photo credit: via

Spotted: B working all the angles of the camera for a recent ad campaign for Reebok..?! *………….flat-line………….* Yes. You heard correct it looks like Reebok is looking for a come back and using the Queen B herself to help them do so. We think B would totally understand, after all shes used to “using” whomever is needed to not only get to the top… but make sure she stays there. Not a bad choice Reebok, B may just be what you need to be cool again… at least with the 12-16yr old gossip girls in training. As for me… I’m going to have to side with Serena on this one… I think I’ll stick to my trendy boots for now.

Who am I? I’ll never tell…

Gossip Girl

For those of you reading who are not Gossip Girl fans…. Leighton Meester, pictured above, plays Blair Waldrof on the hit show Gossip Girl and the above is written in true Gossip Girl fashion. Check out the show… you’ll understand.

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