The British are coming…

31 Mar

…and I couldn’t be happier!!!

TOPSHOP is (finally) opening in NYC!!! Mark your calendars, April 2nd is the Grand Opening, and lets just say Soho will never be the same. Sure we already have Zara, H&M, M.A.N.G.O. & Forever21, but Topshop has Kate Moss! That, and well, its just plain exciting that its the first one venturing across the pond, to The States.

Since I can barely keep my wallet closed in anticipation of the opening, I have been searching the website looking for must have items (ones that will hopefully be there after opening weekend). Come’on… Yes. I love fashion, but do you really think I am going to purposely pack myself in to a over hyped store, only to have to fight to the death for the last dress in my size… then wait hours upon hours in a line that seems to be moving nowhere, all in the name of fashion… You bet!!!

Early bird gets the worm! See ya at sunrise…


Short Bow Back Trench
The Perfect jacket for a summer mid-day thunderstorm.

Floral Playsuit
Perfect when paired with the Zig Zag Brim Hat (also a must-have), for strolling the streets of NYC on a Sunday afternoon.

Zig Zag Brim Trilby
The perfect accessory for all your summer looks.

Indigo Double Waist Hotpant
Some like it hot… and in these short’s you will too! Perfect when paired with a basic scoop neck tee and the Brouge shoe (featured below).

KAMERYN Brogue Shoe
A classic menswear inspired shoe ready for a comeback!

Belted Check Playsuit
Perfect for day…Check! With this little number you’ll be ready to play.

Frill Sleeve Empire Dress
Simple yet sexy… you’ll leave them Green with envy!

Quilted Denim Bodycon Dress
This denim is anything but basic… fitted waist, sweat heart neckline & seaming in all the right places.

Long Sleeve Cardi
Throw this on when the air condition is set a little too high.

Patent Cut Out Waisted Belt
Accentuate your waist with summer friendly patent.

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