Singin’ in the rain…

2 Apr

“From where I stand the sun is shining all over the place.”
-Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) Singin’ in the Rain 1952

Tonight when I got home from work the rain had finally been reduced to a lite mist, which gave me the perfect opportunity to take my little Frankie C. for a walk. About 3 minutes in, it started pouring… I was well equipped with my goulashes but was minus an umbrella (how did I forget the most important part?) At that moment a thought popped into my head creating a Gene Kelly kinda moment (you know, when he closes his umbrella and starts to sing) I decided what the hay, I have nowhere to be, its not too cold outside and Frankie doesn’t seem to mind… so we continued on our walk, both laughing and frolicking in the rain the entire way. I swear if I was just a tad more carefree I would of broke out in song and dance and recreated my own “sun is shinning all over the place” kinda moment.

All in all I had a great evening which could of only be topped if I actually was singing and dancing in the rain!

One Response to “Singin’ in the rain…”

  1. Sandi April 2, 2009 at 6:40 pm #

    I could just picture you and frankie doing soft shoe HAHAHA

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