Currently Coveting -Vintage Typewriter

14 Jun

Lately I have been seeing vintage typewriters everywhere. Maybe that’s because I spend my weekends at Flea Markets, who knows. What I do know is that I have always loved a beautiful typewriter, especially in a lovely candy coated shade of pink, blue, green or yellow. Funny enough, I can still remember actually using a typewriter to type up papers for school. I’m not quite sure if I did this because I had to or because I just liked using the typewriter but ever since the one that we had broke, I have always wanted another. I can just imagine a stormy spring evening sitting at my window, typing chapter’s from my autobiography while listening to the sounds of the rain and Ella Fitzgerald playing on the record player (which I also need to get) and sipping a chilled glass of Riesling. Aw, what a life…

One day I will find a typewriter that fits my style perfectly until then I guess I’m just stuck with this less attractive HP laptop, which although not nearly as cool, it does serve its purpose. You can’t exactly blog with a typewriter.

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