Sunday Morning Bloom’s 6/28/09

28 Jun
DK Designs
Handcrafted Clay Flowers

I have never been one who would ever think of using fake flowers for anything, but these are absolutely gorgeous! I mean seriously, can you even tell the difference? Each flower, petal by petal, is handcrafted using CLAYCRAFT™ by DECO© Soft Clay. Diane mostly works with Brides on creating wonderful centerpieces and bouquets to make little moments of their special day last a lifetime. Check out her website here, blog here and her etsy shop here. I think I want to purchase one of these centerpieces for my apartment, although I would much more enjoy learning how to make them myself…now if only I could figure out how to schedule a visit to her studio in San Jose, CA during my next visit home, then I would be set.


photo credit: DK Designs Hawaii

One Response to “Sunday Morning Bloom’s 6/28/09”

  1. Sandi June 29, 2009 at 7:32 am #

    Hard to believe these are not real Beautiful

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