Inspiration For Years to Come

29 Jun

Be it fashion, art, design or music everything these days seems to be inspired from something in the past. I am sure you are all familiar with YSL’s famous 1960’s Mondrian inspired dress. Well now in 2009 Caitlin Williams Freeman, a pastry chef for the Blue Bottle Coffee Bar located on the roof top of SF MOMA, has created an amazing cake also inspired by Piet Mondrian’s 1930’s painting “Composition with red, yellow + blue”. Her job is to create deserts inspired by artist currently featured in the museum, which as you can see below, shes pretty good at it. IN my opinion the best part of her job is the that she gets to slips away into the museum with just a sketchbook in order to gather inspiration. Check out her sketch’s below as well as the lovely outcome. What a perfect and Im sure tasty homage to Piet Mondrian.

The next time I’m in San Francisco I will have to stop by and see what lovely creations Freeman is currently offering at the Blue Bottle Coffee Bar.

YSL “Mondrian” Dress 1965

Caitlen Freeman, Inspiration
I so wish my sketchbook looked like this… note to self: sketch more often!

Mondrian Inspired Cake by: Caltin Freeman
For Blue Bottle Coffee Bar

photo credit: Met Museum & SFGate

One Response to “Inspiration For Years to Come”

  1. erica marie June 29, 2009 at 4:51 am #

    That cake looks delicious!! What a fun job…I never would have thought that art in a museum would inspire a cake design but I love it.

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