Movie Review: The September Issue

4 Sep

Thursday evening I went and saw “The September Issue” with a friend of mine and was more than surprised. I wasn’t sure if a documentary about Vogue would be exciting especially after The Devil Wears Prada, I mean how could anything else compare, but let me tell you this gets 5 stars from me. In my opinion the star of the show and American Vogue for that matter is Grace Coddington, the creative director for the magazine. The movie had style, fashion and lots of drama. I particularly like the more personal look at Anna Wintour, you actually left the movie feeling a tad bit sorry for her. Overall its very interesting and exciting for anyone who has ever looked at a September issue of Vogue, so actually get a behind the scenes look at all the work that goes into creating it. Highly recommended and a must see!

In the fashion world, the year begins in September… here’s to another great one.

Upcoming fashion events in NYC:
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 9/10- 9/17
Fashion Night Out 9/10

If your in the NYC area be sure to check out The September Issue, for those in LA is coming Sept. 11th.


One Response to “Movie Review: The September Issue”

  1. LifestyleBohemia September 7, 2009 at 8:42 pm #

    Hi 🙂 Just came across your blog. Love finding new blogs from fellow New Yorkers!xx

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