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(Wallet Friendly) Wish List: F21 Nov 09

19 Nov

While the economy is seeing a slight improvement I feel like the term wallet friendly is here to stay. Consumers overall have become smarter about their purchases and are choosing to spend there money more on investment pieces. But a girls gotta eat.. so to speak. So when it comes to fashion trends I personally love turning to F21, Zara, H&M and TOPSHOP for wallet friendly options that bring you instant gratification.

Below is my current Wish List at F21. All items featured are UNDER $30! Yes, I said thirty dollars and under! Now I’m not saying these items will last you a lifetime, but I have found if you take care of your purchases (even from F21) they will last just about as long as you need them. Case in point… I have a fabulous corduroy blazer that I purchased from f21 back in 2002 and still wear it come Fall to this very day!

Basketweave Trim Tunic $11.50

Grommet Knit $17.50

Crep Chiffon Beaded Top $24.80

Urban Studded Booties $28.50

Dolman Shimmer Sweater Tunic $22.80

Leatherette Shingle Skirt $22.80

So go out, spend a little money and if you start to feel bad just reminder yourself you doing the economy good. What are some of your go to stores and or websites for wallet friendly fashions?? Do share…


25 Is Going To Be A Fabulous Year!!

14 Nov

Balloons, top hats, extravagance, bows, macrons and pink martini’s… what more could a girl ask for?


{pics via: here}

They Say Its My Birthday…

14 Nov

Every year on November 14th at sometime during the day, whether I am in the same state or across the country my mom finds some way to sing me happy birthday Beatles Style “They Say Its Your Birthday” by the Beatles has become somewhat of a tradition for my family, as in we sing it for every birthday for everyone (even my pup Frankie). The tradition started when I was in 5th grade. The school bell had rang I was so excited to run home and get ready for my birthday dinner. I was one of the last kids out of the classroom that day, probably because I was busy chatting with some friends or my teacher, as I was known to do. When I finally walked out I was in for a big surprise. My mom was standing there with a huge crowd of at least 20 people (some kids from my class, so I had no idea who they were). She had a huge bouquet of balloons and then started sing “They Say Its Your Birthday….da nana nana na….” along with all of the other 20 kids she had gathered together. To think back on it now, how she got this group of kids to sing along to a Beatles song is beyond me, but I am sure glad she did. At the time I was a little embarrassed, but now at 25 yrs, I cherish that moment and will remember it always. I have an amazing mother who still makes me feel like the luckiest kid in 5th grade!

Thanks Mom for putting up with me for 25 years!!!


My favorite time of year…

12 Nov

Last weekend was opening day at the ice skating rink at Bryant Park and I was lucky enough to attend. I had a fabulous time with a special someone and though I would share some of my favorite ice skating images with all of you. Ice skating is one of my favorite Winter pastimes and one of the many reason I love the Holiday season in NYC. Ice skating in Bryant park, central park… The window displays at Bergdrof’s, the apple cider at the flea market, snow in mid-town and THE tree in Rockefeller Center. Aww Christmas time in the city really is the most wonderful time of the year.


Over the Moon for Sara Moon

3 Nov


Today I learned of a lovely new artist, well actually an artist that has been around for quite sometime so not EXACTLY new but NEW to me. Sara Moon. A dear friend of mine A.Zimm who has a fabulous etsy shop, AnthroPovertie, where she sell wonderful “unearthed treasures” had this beautiful print featured on her site for a while now. Honestly, I had just figured it sold. But then today to my surprise as I mentioned that I absolutely love it and was thinking about purchase, my friend said it’s yours! =) YAY!!! I’m beyond excited and can’t wait to hang it on the wall in my bedroom.

Bel0w are a few other prints I found on the Sara Moon website, but I still think “Melanie” is the fairest of them all…


“Rocker Girl”


{photos via: A.Zimm and Sara Moon}

P.S. Be sure to click here to see more of AnthroPovertie’s Unearthed Treasures. Believe me, you wont be disappointed!

Sunday Morning Bloom’s 11/1/09

1 Nov

Nothing says Fall more than Pumpkin’s! …via Martha Stewart

I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday. I’m heading out to watch the NY Marathon and cheer the runners while enjoying the wonderful choir from the local Baptist church. I (heart) fall, the NY Marathon, Brooklyn and above all Sundays!