Anthropologie, Rockefeller Center- Christams 09

25 Dec

As you all know I have a great deal of love and respect for the window displays at Anthropologie, and they never seem to disappoint come Christmas time. The pictures above and below were taken on my iphone (so I apologize in advance that the quality is not the greatest). Yesterday I flew out to California for Christmas (thanks to a certain special someone) so Monday of this week I decided it was time to snap out of my bah-humbug mood and get into the Christmas spirit. So after work I first wandered the outdoor shops at Bryant Park, then headed up town where my first stop was Bergdrof Goodman (pics to follow shortly. If you are ever in NYC for the holidays there windows really are a must. Then I walked to Rockefeller center (a favorite destination this time of year) to check out “the tree” and all of the festivities. After that I had to go by Anthro… but unfortunately it was already past 10pm and they were closed… but fear not I still got to enjoy the windows with is always one of my favorite parts.

Holiday puzzles and tea by the fire anyone?

Milk and Cookies Anthro Style!!! I decided I want too make these to put by my fireplace next year for Santa 😉
And how lovely they make a overflowing fridge look!

This was one of my favorites… Who wouldn’t want to own a super cute vintage pink and be surrounded by all that snow?! I know I sure would!

Happy Holiday’s Everyone!


One Response to “Anthropologie, Rockefeller Center- Christams 09”

  1. Rachel Follett December 26, 2009 at 12:01 am #

    What stunning displays!! I hope you had a lovely Christmas!! 🙂

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