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Gossip Girl Season 4 Premier In Paris!!!

31 Aug
With the Season 4 premier of Gossip Girl only two weeks away, I cant help but count down the days until we can all be inspired by the fabulous outfits Serena and Blair are sure to wear. Oo, la, la, spotted, Serena in a fab gold lame jacket and royal blue pants! Or my favorite look, the coral wide legs, oatmeal shear tank, sage green stone necklace and fedora! While the story line has gotten crazy, but sadly enough still realistic, the fashion is the real reason I watch the show.   I like to think of myself as a nice mix between Blair and Serena!  Then theirs the new girl (bottom left) I can’t remember her name but he style is fab!  
While you wait for the season premier, check out this video of the song used in the promo.  Its the french version of “These Boots Are Made For Walking” preformed by Eileen.  
Everything sounds better in french…
September 13th – Gossip Girl Season Premier in Paris!  Don’t miss it! 
{images via gossip girl}

Currently Coveting: NECKLUSH

30 Aug
So I thought I would start off the week with an item I am currently coveting, Necklush.  I mean seriously, how fabulous are these scarfs?!  But wait, there way more cooler than any old scarf, its a Necklush, working double duty as both a scarf and a stylish necklace.  My favorite are the Necklush Ultra version (featured above, bottom right) which feature more strands and are thicker around the neck, but I cant get enough of the colors & patterns used in the others featured above.  With Fall just around the corner I MUST have one.  And even better,  their handmade in Brooklyn! What more could a girl ask for? 
Now the problem lays, in which to choose… Im thinking I will go with the leopard one, top middle one, but then again I really want them all.  Then when I thought picking from the above was a problem, I came across their newest style, Necklush Chains!  A-MAZ-ING!  Love!  Below are my two favorites, but I think I have decided on the Chocolate w/Silver Print.  
What’s your favorite?
Check out the rest of the selection by stoping by their shop on Etsy.  
{images via NECKLUSH; photo credit: Walling McGarity,Brooklyn NY}

Emmy’s Fashion Trends 2010

30 Aug
Royal Hues & Ruffles
Sparkling Champagne
Although I was a bit underwhelmed in terms of the overall fashion statement at the 2010 Emmy’s, we must admit when was the last time we were actually overwhelmed at an awards show?  None the less I still like to keep hope alive.  Above are my favorite picks form the ladies that I saw.  Once I pulled them all together I found that of the six I liked they all fell in to one of two trends that seemed to be occurring on the red carpet, so I grouped them as such. I have to say my #1 would have to be January Jones, for the simple fact that she took a risk.  I love the color, the volume and the texture of the dress she choose, her new shoulder length bob was a winner too! Well done ladies! 
Who were your stand outs from the evening?
p.s.  Congrats to MadMen for winning a Emmy for Best Drama… much deserved! 

Emmy’s Tonight 7pm EST

29 Aug
I can’t wait for all the fashion we’re (hopefully) in for tonight!  

{image 1: unknown; image 2: here}

Gisele Bundchen -MUSE 22

26 Aug
I have never been a big Gisele Bundchen fan, but this video is absolutely stunning.  Its only a little over a minute long, so go ahead, click above and be prepared to be inspired!

Quote Of The Moment…

25 Aug
{photo via here}

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

24 Aug
{images via weheartit}
Happy Tuesday everyone!!! I’m currently mid flight headed to San Diego for work… gotta love gogo in flight wifi. My favorite part about flying is looking out the window imaging I am floating in air, bouncing from cloud to cloud.  I love beautiful, cotton candy-esq clouds for one reason and one reason only the daydreaming possibilities are endless.  Since floating in the clouds is highly unlikely, the next best thing would be a hot air balloon right.  Oh, to float above the clouds, high up in the sky in a beautifully colored balloon propelled by hot air.  It just sounds magically! 
I must say that if a boy really wanted to impress me, a date in a hot air balloon would be a great place to start! I hope you all have a wonderful day! If you get a moment, look up to the clouds and wave hello *smile*

Dream House

24 Aug

“This house is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and looks spectacular with Christmas lights. This is a great house. I never want to move. But the thing I like best about this house are the voices I hear when I walk though the door.”   -George Banks

Military Inspired…Just in time for Fall Shoe Shopping

23 Aug
When it comes to your feet, we’ve got you covered!  If your looking for a closed toe bootie or a peep toe lace up, then you have come to the right place for all things Military inspired! Above are my top picks for the season!  Starting at $129 and going up to $1,695, there’s options to aspire to and options to make your own.  Which one is your favorite???

Oh Joy!… Creative Inc.

23 Aug

Oh, joy is right! The new venture by Joy Cho of Oh Joy! and Meg Ilasco of designers library, Creative Inc. is “The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business”.  The book sounds amazing and I can’t wait to read it, although I must admit the above video is what first caught my attention. If that weren’t enough, the two lovely ladies behind Creative Inc.  will be doing a book tour, hitting San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.  How exciting!  I think I will wait until then to purchase my book, so I can do so in person and hopefully get a signed copy!