Hello Tuesday… it’s time to Twirl!

7 Sep
We’ll mid-September is right around the corner, Labor day has come and gone, and now we must all return to work on this too soon Tuesday.  But fear not my lovelies, there is always tons of fantastical fun to be had!  NY Fashion Week starts Thursday (see schedule here), FNO (Fashion Night Out) is this Friday and “Hello Its Tuesday”!!! for most of use meaning its a four day work week and the weekend is that much closer!  So with that said, I am officially declaring today Twirling Tuesday, and of course, thanks to Kate Spade you will have the tunes and accessories to do so in style.  Above are a few of my favorites from Kate Spades new twirl line and below you can click on the link to download The Twirl playlist for free.  Yes, I said FREE… there is no catch.  You don’t have to purchase anything you don’t have to sign up for an annoying email list or become a member.  Just click on the link and all 10 songs are yours to twirl to whenever you please. 

Click HERE to download the entire playlist for FREE! There is also a really cute video to check out if your looking for a little twirling inspiration.

Happy Twirling Tuesday!

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