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Just Getting Started…

29 Jun

Well, here I am, I made to my 100th post and I’m happy to report there is no signs of stopping anytime soon. It sounds kinda weird for me say that this is my 100th post, as really, I feel like I’m just getting started. Only recently have I started to share my blog with more people and I have also started to get somewhat of a following (small yes, but its a start). I started this blog in the beginning to inspire myself. You see I was beginning to get sucked into the trap of working then sleep and so on and in result started to lose sight of the trill of actually looking for inspiration and then from that creating things. Yes, I said it things. Because at the end of the day, not matter what it is, be it a batch of cookies, a inspiration board, a sketch for a new design, a feathered hair accessory or a new blog post, “creating” for me is what keeps the spark shining bright. So yes, today I can proudly say that I am inspired, mostly by all of you who visit my blog even if for only a moment, because my hope is that somewhere along the way I will inspire you as well.

Most of you are probably fairly new to my blog, so I thought for my 100th post I would highlight my top 5 favorite Fairytale Wishes & Dreams. I hope you like. Also stay tuned, as there are some exciting things in the works for FWD. For starters I will be featuring one of my dear friends new jewelry line as well as holding a fun contest along with it.

My Top 5 Fav’s
So far…

2. When We Land Upon the Moon…

Click above to check out the video.

3. Inspiration: Candice Stringham Photography

4. Vintage Vogue at the Flea

5. Featured Illustrator: Antionette Fleur

Here’s to many more fav’s to come!!! Oh, and by the way, don’t be shy… if you stop by for a minute, say hello or better yet follow me by clicking on the link to the right. Because life is just not worth living with out wishes & dreams! =)