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Anthropologie Opens Accessories Only Shop!!!

20 Oct
I just found out via StyleList that Anthropologie will be opening their very 1st Accessories only shop and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  The store is set to open October 29th in Chevy Chase, MD and will carry accessories and 50% footwear. How exciting!  Anthro always has the best accessories, I cant imagine a store devoted to just that!  And shoes…. oh my… you usually can only get those online so this will be a real treat.  My next trip to DC will for sure have to include a stop by Chevy Chase to check this out. 
Above is my current “accessories must haves” from Anthropologie.  Hopefully they will all be stocked in the store once it opens.  

Artistic Hair Frill’s by Anthropologie

28 Mar

You may have seen these wonderful little works of art over on the Anthropologie website but I couldn’t resist sharing theme again.  Anthro continues to shock us with their creativity when it comes to the presentation of their product. I love these current works of art used to showcase some of their new “hair frills”.  How lovely would they look pained on wood and hung up in a hair salon in  Soho, NY? Simply fab!

Accessory Illustrations via The LA Times

16 Mar

I came across this fabulous “50 Series” post on The LA Times website most recently featuring 50: Signature Bags.  Above are my top 8 picks from their list of 50, illustrated by Jameson Simpson.  If you follow my blog you all know that I am a sucker for all things illustrated and this article did not disappoint.  Click here to check out the other 32 Signature Bags featured (all equally fabulous).  Oh, to own a Chanel or a Birkin….what a wonderful dream.

Christian Siriano for Payless!!!

17 Apr

I know I’m a little late on this but being a PR lover and more importantly a true fan of Christian Siriano, I had to share with you his new footwear collection for Payless (yes… I said payless) Now I know his collection is VERY reminiscent of The Rodarte Fall 2008 Collection but seriously who really is an innovator in the fashion industry these days. Everyone is influenced by someone and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

And to all that gasped when I said “payless”… shame on you. Personally I have never been one to care about where an item was purchased. I actually find joy in finding fabulous things in not so fabulous places. Of course I will have to inspect them in person… but from first glance I have a feeling I will like the gold specked turquoise pair and the brown bootie with gold heel. Then there’s the pair featured below on Mena, now those are fierce!!!

A sketch from Christian Siriano’s Collection.
via –

Mena Suvari spotted in Christian Siriano for Payless

…and a close up!

Also if you have a few moments, check out this video of Christian Siriano pre-fashion week, Fall 2009. Also via

“Oh, trust me I’d be real fierce. ” -Christian Siriano

…don’t you just love him =)


*The collection will be hitting Payless stores Fall 2009

Currently Coveting: Birdcage Armorie’s

11 Jan

Maybe its a part of the fairytale fantasy that I like to create in my head but none the less I would absolutely love to own one of these beautiful birdcage armories one day for my bedroom. Oh, how it reminds me of Cinderella and the scene where with the help of all her furry friends they create a beautiful dress and hang it on the outside of her beautifully crafted armoire. Now hold it right there… I am by no means asking for the furry friends. In my fairytale (and in life) I create the dress on my own!

Now if only I could find one that is both aesthetically pleasing to me and in my price range… then I could making this fantasy a reality.

Until then… below are a few I am currently coveting:

Spotted on
J. M. Georgagi, hardwood in Fresh Lime finish. “Cheri” $1,799

Spotted on Bella Maison International:
French Reproduction Antique Louis XV Single Door Armoire

Spotted on
“Provence” Armorie Wardrobe $1,895

One day I will have my beautiful birdcage armorie and then I can “decorate” it with all of my accessories (hats, gloves, handbags, scarfs, belts, necklaces, rings, braclets etc.) I imagine it to turn out somewhat like the inside of Makingitlovely’s closet pictured below.