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I Heart Dandelion’s

10 Jan
I love this image… although I wish I knew where it was from as this would look lovely in my apartment. If anyone knows, please let me know…

"Creative Wavelength"

31 Jan

I came across this posting on design*sponge today and it immediately reminded me on the Chanel Couture Spring 2009 show. So much so that I was sure the artist behind these truly whimsical paper installations had to at least be a part of the inspiration for Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring 09 collection.

photo credit: reposted via design*sponge via Rebecca Niederlander

Well, I was wrong… but this did reminded me of a moment while in design school in San Francisco. The class I was taking was “Creating a Garment Business” and the topic at hand was a popular belief that there is some sorta “creative wavelength” that all creative people tap into. Now I know that might sound a little crazy… but seriously think about it. Creative people are such because they have a certain way of thinking. A different way of looking at and then interpreting their surroundings. The thought of a “creative wavelength” would explain why many times designers may come out with the exact same trends, color patterns, silhouettes etc. at the exact same time… which means they couldn’t of possibly copied the other but instead were thinking on the same “creative wavelength”.

Case in point… Karl Lagerfeld (designer/creative director behind Chanel) and artist Rebecca Niederlander were obviously operating on the same wavelength for a moment. I cant help but wonder how much the Chanel Couture Spring 2009 show would have benefited if they had Rebecca Niederlander’s installations as a part of their set….

photo credit:

All daydreaming aside… If like me you would love to see more of Rebecca’s installation but are not in the LA area, click here for additional pics. As for Chanel, check out images of the entire Spring 2009 collection. Absolutely stunning! Below are my favs =)


Top 5 Picks from Chanel Couture Spring 2009:

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