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The Wait is Over… MADMEN Season 4 Premiere TONIGHT!

25 Jul
I can hardly contain my excitement for the MADMEN season 4 premiere TONIGHT on AMC. In honor of the season premiere I wanted to share with all of you, MADMEN meets Barbie.  How I missed this when it debuted earlier this year, I have no idea.  The barbie versions of Betty, Don, Joan, and Roger look absolutely fab and right on character. Now if only I could justify spending $75 each on a Barbie Doll…
{Images via: Barbie Collector }
MADMEN Season 4 Premiere,  AMC, July 25th 10/9pm 

"My Year in Paris with Christian Louboutin"

6 Dec

Oh Barbie, what a fabulous life you lead. You’ve successfully dabbled in just about every professional career possible, even running for President of the United States. You’ve traveled the world and experience all of the major fashion moments of our time. You have been dressed by some of the most fabulous designers to ever live. Christian Dior, Diane Von Furstenburg, Vera Wang, & Karl Lagerfeld, to name a few. Then on top of it all you now spent the past year of your life in Paris with the infamous Christian Louboutin in celebration of turning 50. I mean seriously could your life get more glamorous?!

If you ever decide that you need a break from it all, please give me a call. I would gladly step in and resume your schedule accordingly.


{Christian Louboutin Barbie sells out in one day on Net-a-porter}

{images via: WWD}

So In Style Barbie

19 Jul

About a year ago, the world was in aw when Vogue Italia introduced there all black issue and this time there at it again by celebrating the 50th anniversary of Barbie by recreating the issue with a supplement featuring the new S.I.S. (So in Style) Barbie Dolls. The S.I.S. Barbies feature more African American features, a beautiful range of brown skin tones and an array or hairstyles. Check out the videos below to find out more about the new collection as well as more about the designer behind the new dolls.

Meet The Designer:

The designer Stacey McBride is doing an amazing thing by not only creating Barbie Dolls that can relate to little girls of color but she has also give each a very aspirational side letting them know that there are so many options out there for them to dream about and become. I have to say that Grace and I, the light skin, long haired, cheer caption, have so much in common! Where was she when I was little… =)

*photos via Refinery 29

Plastic Never Looked So Good!

19 Mar

Barbie really does have it all; a new re-vamped wardrobe (designed by Mr. Lagerfeld), a hot upgraded Ken and looks that could kill. Not to mention the fact that she hasn’t seemed to age a day in the past 50 years…gosh, I want to be Barbie!!! I mean seriously, I have grown up loving her ever so… but that love has just intensified once I got a peek at this even more fashion forward Miss B.

Swoon worthy… I think so!!!

Below Barbie strikes a pose with model Baptiste Giabiconi as Ken in an exhibit which started March 9th running through the 28th created by Karl Lagerfeld. Now if I could just get a ticket to Paris, I would be all set! =)

When you look this good, who cares if your plastic!


Photo Credit: via colette

***For more information on the exhibit click here***