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Mrs. Lilien Say’s So….

10 Nov
Who is Mrs. Lilien you may ask… well if you don’t already know then your missing out.  Mrs.   Lilien is one of my favorite blogs out there.  Beautifully written, organized and presented.  Her post are Dr. Seuss meets Kate Spade with an bit of an edgy twist.  In my opinion Mrs. Lilien is amazing!  You MUST check out her blog.  Recently she did a post on “Mrs. Scorpio”, which being a Scorpio myself I can 100% relate to! I mean she described me to a tee.  Below are a few excerts from her post but please click here and check out the entire story on “Mrs. Scorpio” you wont be disappointed. 

“Mrs. Scorpio – a most powerful tour de force within the zodiac portfolio. A doubly dynamic Mrs is she – spilling over with excitement and magnetism, 
oh just wait and see!”
“In desperate times she can become overly obsessive, determined and competitive – but always with the best intentions as she’s notably intuitive.”

“She steadfastly keeps her eyes on the prize – and she’ll keep on keeping on until her dreams materialize.  She’s alover of the good life and all things fine – she just might be the best Mrs. in which to split a bottle of good wine!”
      “In the end she’s an amazing friend, who’s certainly enthusiastic – She’s Mrs. Scorpio and she’s undeniably fantastic!”

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Oh Joy!… Creative Inc.

23 Aug

Oh, joy is right! The new venture by Joy Cho of Oh Joy! and Meg Ilasco of designers library, Creative Inc. is “The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business”.  The book sounds amazing and I can’t wait to read it, although I must admit the above video is what first caught my attention. If that weren’t enough, the two lovely ladies behind Creative Inc.  will be doing a book tour, hitting San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.  How exciting!  I think I will wait until then to purchase my book, so I can do so in person and hopefully get a signed copy!