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BK Flea Top Five 7/18/09

19 Jul

The sky was blue, the shine was shinning and the BK Flea Vendors were out in full force. My adventures at the flea started off a different today, instead of the typical pupusas that my friend and I usually get, we opted for a tasty grilled cheese with pickles, for $5. Yum, yum! If you ever find your self at the flea, you must try. After we ate we started out on our journey through the flea. The assortment was much better this week compared to last. I came across many new vendors, as well as a few favorites. Its always hard to narrow down my selection to only five, but I think it makes that five that are chosen, more special. Below are my picks for the week.


BK Flea Top 5!
Lovely Fabric Covered Notebooks
I had a very nice chat with Astra, who designs and makes the above notebook covers. She described her inspiration as always having a love for fabric notebooks, but hated that fact that you could only use them once. These covers can easily slip off and be added to a new notebook and also include both front and back pockets. Whats not to love?!

Vintage Powder Blue Highchair
I (heart) this highchair. The perfect alternative to the modern plastic version.

Vintage Hand Stitched Custom Cowboy Boots
I love the butterfly detail on this lovely boots, custom made size US 4.

Vintage Beaded Slip Dress
Seriously if I had some extra money to spare, this dress would be on display in my closet, no questions asked. Sigh…..

Handmade Feather Hat
Absolutely love this!!! Again, if I could just some how get my hands on an unlimited cash supply, this too would be mine. I know its rather strange looking, but I love it. Its one of those things you have to try on to appreciate. Not everyone could pull it off, but for those who can… this hat is fierce! I plan to attempt to make one myself in the coming weekends. I will keep you posted.

Until next time…


BK Flea Top Five 7/11/09

12 Jul

I woke up this morning refreshed after a much needed FULL nights sleep. These past two weeks have been pretty crazy for me. I spent a long Holiday weekend in California, filled with Dentist and haircut appointments; spending time with friends; visiting family that I haven’t seen is over 12 years; 4 hours driving on I-5; 6am walks/photo sessions with my brother; fireworks and family fun; pools & 101 degree weather; & reuniting with my pup after he spent 6 weeks with Grandma. All is all is was a great mini getaway.

After returning to NYC I had a long week ahead of me filled with merchandising, handbags, fashion, photo shoots and three work days in a row that didn’t end before 11pm. Friday night couldn’t come soon enough. But as I mentioned above I woke up today more than thrilled to see what the flea had to offer. Although I was slightly disappointed with the overall assortment, I did manage to find a few things that caught my eye. I also happened to walk away with a beautiful little vintage feathered headband which reminded me of the feather headbands I have made (I will share with you soon). My friend also was pretty lucky, taking home a silk scarf for (FREE) which was part of a purchase she made on a beautiful printed tunic, $25, which will look great worn as a dress with a gold belt. On top of that she also picked up the “Streak” necklace and clip-on earrings featured below.

Check out my picks below…


BK Flea Top 5:

Watch Pendent
Vintage Necklace

I have really been in to watch pendents lately.

“Streak” Necklace
Circa 1960’s

My friend came across this super fun and flashy necklace, which will work perfectly for a 90’s party that she will be going to soon. This gives me the same happy feeling as the “Carrie” necklace circa SATC.

Vintage Sunglasses
I thought the price was a little high, but they really were fab. The picture does not do them justice!

Beaded Clip-on Earrings
Not the best detail shot, but the earrings were stunning, fashioned with subdued pastel beads with a hint of lavender.

Vintage Feathered Headband
LOVED the feathers used to make this stunning head piece. Now I just need some event equally as fabulous to wear it to!

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Brooklyn Flea On

12 Jul

Check out this short video featuring style at the Brooklyn Flea (my favorite weekend hang out):

BK Flea Top Five 6/27/09

28 Jun

“I can see clearly now the rain has gone”…

Well, at least for a large portion of the day, the sun was out and the Brooklyn Flea was in full swing. I was more than thrilled to spend the afternoon sipping on limeade, noshing on jalapeno and cheese pupusa’s and checking out all that the flea has to offer. Lucky for you, the fact that the rain let up also means that my weekly top 5 picks are back for your viewing pleasure.


BK Flea Top 5:

Vintage Ballet Slippers
I’m not sure of the era or the price (the vendor had stepped away for a minute) but they were so lovely that I had to include them.

Joseph LaRose
Green Vintage Heels $40

I seriously cant believe I walked away from these, I mean look at the details on the inside and in my size too. Sigh…

Bonbon Oiseau
Handmade Headbands

Check out their blog here

Bonbon Oiseau
Key Fobs $25

Adding a bit of “grown up” sophistication to your keys. My friend purchased one with a lucky #7 engraved on it.

Ceramic Hand Painted Vases $40
Tulips would look amazing in these.

Collecther Boutique
Straw Fedora $20 and Sunglasses $15

I’ve been searching for a new pairs of glasses JUST like these since I broke my fav’s about a week ago… Also thinking of changing out the feathers on the hat, just to make it a little different, but for now I love it.

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BK Flea Top Five 6/6/09

12 Jun

First off, I apologize that my Top 5 Picks are so late this week, but I came down with a nasty bug that I’m finally starting to kick (thank God). The good news is that I have some great finds from this past weekend at the flea to share with you today and the even better news is that starting this coming weekend, the flea will actually be an entire weekend long celebration for the duration of the season. Saturdays will continue in Fort Greene and as of 6/14/09, the flea will also commerce underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. How fabulous does that sound?

Well now lets quit the chit chat and get down to business.

BK Flea Top 5:

Hand Crafted Storage Cabinet
The details were amazing. You can’t see in this picture but the wood was actually cared to perfectly fit the vintage piece in the top right corner.

Visual Graphic Map of Brooklyn
by: Jim Datz for Three Potato Four
LOVED this! …should of bought it (maybe next time)

Vintage Toddler Dress
My future little girl may one day hate me for this, but I would totally make her wear this. But then again, maybe she’ll love fashion like me and one day be thankful =)

Reupholstered Chair $400
Although a little pricey for a flea market, I loved the color and pattern used in this design.

Vintage Cosmetic Case
Perfect for travel or decorating your dressing table.

Yummy Food at the Flea…

Of course I stuck with my beloved pupusas, but my friend was adventurous enough to try the very appealing Asia Dog’s. Which by the way passed the test with flying colors!

Asia Dog, Veggie Hot Dogs
Left: “The Mash” spicy ketchup, jalapeño mustard w/ potato
chip crumbs; Right: “The Sidney” mango, cucumber,red onion, and fishsauce relish

and how cool was this

Peoples Pops
“Local grown” hand shaved ice with gourmet flavors.
In the words of People’s Pops “They’re Turbo Tasty!”

My friend & I tried the Lemon/Mint shaved ice and
not only were we impressed with the preparation the ice was delish! Check out their blog here!

BK Flea Top Five 5/16/09

17 May

First off I apologize for missing the last two weeks of the “BK Flea Top Five”, but I really do have good reason. Unfortunately working in the world of fashion at the wholesale level… Mother’s Day is kinda a big deal. Being that its such a big holiday (especially for the Handbag industry) I had to work the past two Saturdays but as of yesterday, MY WEEKENDS ARE BACK! Woo Hoo! And am I’m sure you have figured out by now, I knew exactly how to spend my first free Saturday in three, yes three weeks! At the Brooklyn Flea of course. Below are a list of my top 5 picks for the Flea this weekend… plus a bonus extra 5 since its been a while.


BK Flea Top 5:

Vintage Coffee Warmer and Fondue Pot
(Would make a perfect addition to my Kitchen)

Jake & Jill by Louisa M. Alcott (Author of Little Women)
*Who knew Jake & Jill had such a lengthy story to tell? Apparently after tumbling down the hill Jake and Jill were both injured. This story tells of their recuperation and the journey of their friends into adulthood. If its still there in two weeks I will have to pick it up just so I can read this story for myself.
Lovely 4 Piece Luggage Set
Black and White Flower Print

Knitted Ceramic Vase
Alyssa Ettinger Designs

Kitschy Chair and Art Set
Turqoise and Wood… Perfect for a Mid Century Kitchen

BK Flea BONUS 5:
Purple & Gold Charm Necklace
Jantar Handcrafted Jewelry

Vintage Telephone, Clock & Bell
I love how each of these items seem to have a story that their just dying to tell…

Vintage Trims & Sewing Kits
Random Selection $12.00

Lovely Adornments

Antiqued Corner Shelf

and since the food is so AMAZING…

Pupusas Combo Plate: 1 Chicken + 1 Cheese & Jalapeno = $5.00
San Pellegrino Limonta = $2.00
Overall Taste/Satisfaction = Priceless!!!

and well it wouldn’t be a perfect Saturday at the flea without Mister Softee
Ice Cream Cone with Sprinkles = $3.00

I will be in California next Saturday… so stay tuned! The next Bk Flea Top 5 will be in two weeks.


BK Flea Top Five 4/25/09

28 Apr
Well.. this past Saturday came and went in Brooklyn and was absolutely amazing. The weather was perfect, a nice 86 degrees with not a cloud in the sky. I spent most of the day at the flea… sipping on ice cold limeade and exploring all the many treasures the flea has to offer. Below are my Top 5 picks of the week. Enjoy!!!

BK Flea Top Five:

This sketch reminds me of Scarlet O’Hara from Gone With the Wind.
(love the frame too)
I think this would be so cute in an entryway
with cute umbrellas stored in the side compartments.

I loved the display of this handmade jewelry…
especially the delicate necklaces draped over the opened journal pages.

I’m a sucker for leopard print and would love to have this in my living room.

**SWOON** I would antique this in a cream/gold color
creating an “Old Hollywood Glamour” sorta feel.

BK Flea Top Five 4/18/09

19 Apr

Yesterday was the Opening day of The Brooklyn Flea’s 2nd Season in Fort Green, Brooklyn. I have been waiting for this day since last December when they packed up for the winter and headed to Dumbo. As luck would have it the weather was absolutely amazing yesterday, the perfect weather for enjoying an outdoor flea market. I went with a good friend from work, who also lives in the neighborhood, and enjoyed a live marching band, California worthy Mexican food, all natural ice cream, lovely necklaces, fabulous furniture, TONS of sun and “old things” galore!

I took a few pics of a very small number of the things I loved and have since decided to bring you a list of my top 5 favorite things every week. This weeks list isn’t the greatest, as I decided to do this new weekly feature after the fact but rest assures these are 5 great things and there will be many more to come from now till December 🙂

BK Flea Top Five:

Purple, Green & Blue Striped Dress $30
(How Cute Would This Be Shortened)

Great 1950’s Style Black Dress
Eyelet Bodice and Pleated full Skirt Bottom

Fairytale Worthy Party Dress
Pale Mint Green

Gold Sequin Full Length Gown
With Hot Pink Chiffon Overlay

Check out my Vintage Vogue post for a look at another one of my great finds for the day.

Vintage Vogue @ The Flea

19 Apr

Photo Credit: (yours truly) Fallon Carmichael

First off, just to give you a little background info… I use the word LOVE a lot. Especially when it comes to places or things. I love flea markets. I love magazines. I love fashion. I love style. I love retro kitchen items. I love leopard print. I love old dresses from the 40’s to early 60’s and the late 70’s as well. I love purple and recently started to love green (really I love all colors on some level, it just depends on how you mix and match them as well as what day you ask me) The list could go on forever, but I think you get the idea.

Now if you were paying attention I shouldn’t even have to tell you how I got a little weak in the knees when coming across this booth at the Brooklyn Flea yesterday. Picture it: Vintage Vogue Magazines $20 each, vintage prints including pin ups, fashion, NYC and more…. Vintage eye glass frames, jewelry and more stuff’ than I can remember. *swoon*

I didn’t buy anything yesterday, although I’m kicking myself for not picking up the “New Ways to Wear Color” (featured above) Vintage Vogue issue! Seriously I cried a few tears last night. But rest assured… the lovely lady behind these gorgeous finds will be back every Saturday and you better believe I will be too!

For more vintage prints from Cande Nast click here.

Here’s a sneak peek of what they have in store…