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Living the pUPscale Life… An Autumn Adventure

4 Nov
Photo Credit: Me =) 

So this weekend I decided to go on a little “Autumn Adventure” with my pup Frankie.  We started off in Boreum Hill, Brooklyn, headed down to the Brooklyn Promenade, over to the BK Bridge then down by the water, through DUMBO, to the Farmers Market, through Downtown BK then back home.  All it all we had a wonderful day which you can see documented in the photos above. I love taking pics of my little Frankie, he’s  such a good model don’t you think?

A Day in Brooklyn…

23 Aug
Blueberry Muffin’s & Green Tea for Breakfast

The gardens at Habana Outpost

The bathroom ceiling at Habana Outpost
(Featured on the Travel Channel as one of the Top Extreme Bathrooms)

“The Hill” Clinton Hill, Fort Greene & Wallabout

Bespoke Bicycles, Lafayette Ave.

Love the sign!!!

This is why I love my neighborhood…

you see things like Mike’s Sharpening Service
Read more about this nostalgic service here.

Vanderbilt Ave.

Yesterday it was raining off & on throughout the afternoon, which seemed to scare off most of the vendors at the BK flea, but how does the saying go… “when life hands your lemons, make lemonade” =) So my friend and packed our umbrellas and headed out for to play . Our first stop was still the flea, although with not many vendors I wasn’t able to do my top 5 picks, but we did enjoy some fabulous Mexican food from one of the (correction) THE only food vendor there that day. After that we ventured down Lafayette Ave. making a stop at Bespoke Bicycle Shop, where I picked up a lovely white metal basket for my bicycle as well as a pair of cork grips and a free NYC Bicycle map. Then it was off to the hardware store for coffee mug hooks for under my kitchen cabinets… mojito’s (plural) at Habana and our last stop at The Green Grape. Rain or shine…it was just another fabulous day in Brooklyn.


{photo credit: via my iphone}

BK Flea Top Five 7/18/09

19 Jul

The sky was blue, the shine was shinning and the BK Flea Vendors were out in full force. My adventures at the flea started off a different today, instead of the typical pupusas that my friend and I usually get, we opted for a tasty grilled cheese with pickles, for $5. Yum, yum! If you ever find your self at the flea, you must try. After we ate we started out on our journey through the flea. The assortment was much better this week compared to last. I came across many new vendors, as well as a few favorites. Its always hard to narrow down my selection to only five, but I think it makes that five that are chosen, more special. Below are my picks for the week.


BK Flea Top 5!
Lovely Fabric Covered Notebooks
I had a very nice chat with Astra, who designs and makes the above notebook covers. She described her inspiration as always having a love for fabric notebooks, but hated that fact that you could only use them once. These covers can easily slip off and be added to a new notebook and also include both front and back pockets. Whats not to love?!

Vintage Powder Blue Highchair
I (heart) this highchair. The perfect alternative to the modern plastic version.

Vintage Hand Stitched Custom Cowboy Boots
I love the butterfly detail on this lovely boots, custom made size US 4.

Vintage Beaded Slip Dress
Seriously if I had some extra money to spare, this dress would be on display in my closet, no questions asked. Sigh…..

Handmade Feather Hat
Absolutely love this!!! Again, if I could just some how get my hands on an unlimited cash supply, this too would be mine. I know its rather strange looking, but I love it. Its one of those things you have to try on to appreciate. Not everyone could pull it off, but for those who can… this hat is fierce! I plan to attempt to make one myself in the coming weekends. I will keep you posted.

Until next time…


Sunday Morning Bloom’s 7/12/09

12 Jul
Local Blooms:

Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Photo Credit: Lesterhead;

Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair

14 Jun

Where: McCarren Park, Brooklyn NY
When: June 7, 2009

This past Sunday I spent a lovely day at the 5th Annual Brooklyn Renegade Fair. My day started out with Brunch at Red Bamboo in Fort Greene Brooklyn then a friend and I headed to McCarren park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The event featured over 250 vendors below are a few of the ones that stood out to me. Hope you enjoy!

Hint: click the green titles for links to learn more about the artist or to purchase items seen here.

Dolan Geiman
Contemporary Art with a Southern Accent
*Amazing Artwork check out their site here.

Heather Jeany
Screen Printed Stationary

Giant Dwarf
Handmade, eco friendly hair accessories.

Handmade Jewelry & Home Goods made out of Birch Bark

The Black Spot Books
Hand bound books and other treasures.

AMAZING Jewelry that unfortunately I forgot the name of…

Irena Sophia
Original Fine Art Prints & Drawings

I loved this giant knitted elephant… but also unfortunately did not get contact info.

Pepper Sprouts
Handmade & Unique Home Goods

Jewelry with street cred!

Mean Cards
“Stories of daily peril: both real and imagined”

and the cutest most on the the spot creative things that I came across was three friends who came together and decided to write love letters for 1 cent. How genius! Believe it or not they were actually making pretty good money.

Below check out a few more stand out vendors featured at the Renegade Fair:

1. Berd & Bee; Assorted vintage and original designs.
2. Bow & Arrow; Stationary.
3. Hayley Carmo; Prints, drawings & photos.
4. Nervous System; Unique jewelry and design.
5. Underneath My Tree; To check out how Jason is feeling day to day click here. Very cute!
6. Andy Pratt Designs; Print and design.
7. Artikal NYC; Amazing selection of handcrafted millinery.

BK Flea Top Five 6/6/09

12 Jun

First off, I apologize that my Top 5 Picks are so late this week, but I came down with a nasty bug that I’m finally starting to kick (thank God). The good news is that I have some great finds from this past weekend at the flea to share with you today and the even better news is that starting this coming weekend, the flea will actually be an entire weekend long celebration for the duration of the season. Saturdays will continue in Fort Greene and as of 6/14/09, the flea will also commerce underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. How fabulous does that sound?

Well now lets quit the chit chat and get down to business.

BK Flea Top 5:

Hand Crafted Storage Cabinet
The details were amazing. You can’t see in this picture but the wood was actually cared to perfectly fit the vintage piece in the top right corner.

Visual Graphic Map of Brooklyn
by: Jim Datz for Three Potato Four
LOVED this! …should of bought it (maybe next time)

Vintage Toddler Dress
My future little girl may one day hate me for this, but I would totally make her wear this. But then again, maybe she’ll love fashion like me and one day be thankful =)

Reupholstered Chair $400
Although a little pricey for a flea market, I loved the color and pattern used in this design.

Vintage Cosmetic Case
Perfect for travel or decorating your dressing table.

Yummy Food at the Flea…

Of course I stuck with my beloved pupusas, but my friend was adventurous enough to try the very appealing Asia Dog’s. Which by the way passed the test with flying colors!

Asia Dog, Veggie Hot Dogs
Left: “The Mash” spicy ketchup, jalapeƱo mustard w/ potato
chip crumbs; Right: “The Sidney” mango, cucumber,red onion, and fishsauce relish

and how cool was this

Peoples Pops
“Local grown” hand shaved ice with gourmet flavors.
In the words of People’s Pops “They’re Turbo Tasty!”

My friend & I tried the Lemon/Mint shaved ice and
not only were we impressed with the preparation the ice was delish! Check out their blog here!

Barking Brown

11 Jan
What is Barking Brown: “well, it speaks to a lot including diversity (mix a whole slew of colors, like white black and yellow, and what do you get…brown) and the uniqueness of and importance of our own voices(barking).”Myrtle Minutes: Barking Brown

Today I spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon with a dear friend of my Rachel. We had brunch at The Speak Easy, on Greene only a few blocks away from me… witnessed an underground fire… went shopping at Barking Brown on Myrtle ave… tried to go shopping in DUMBO and shared some great conversation about leaving the country.

Above is a picture of the super cute things that now belong to me. All thanks to barking brown. The earmuffs are a gray tweed with white spots and my favorite was the charcoal gray knitted handbag with metallic pewter trim. Both on sale and both compliment my weekend wardrobe perfectly!

Barking Brown is such a great store… if your ever in the neighborhood, add them to you list of must sees. Believe, you will thank me later.

Au revoir!