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What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’ ?

25 Oct

Lately I have really been enjoying a nice home cooked meal. Actually I have always enjoyed one but I guess what has changed is that its actually ME doing the cooking. With my new found hobby comes a new found wish-list filled with kitchen supplies, aprons and cookbooks galore. While in North Carolina this past week I made a little stop at Anthro and came across The Illustrated Kitchen Bible, which I HAD to have. Give me anything with good visuals and I’m sold! With over 1,000 pictures of every recipe featured you can actually visualize what it is that you are about to make as apposed to just hoping it comes out the way its supposed to look.

The first would be great for any good Martha Stewart in training, but the second is a must! The Illustrated Quick Cookbook featured below specializing in quick, after work cheap eats will be in heavy rotation in my place. I didn’t purchase either of the books just yet, as I had to fly back to NYC and they were rather heavy, but I have requested both for my birthday (fingers crossed I get them).

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