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Currently Coveting: NECKLUSH

30 Aug
So I thought I would start off the week with an item I am currently coveting, Necklush.  I mean seriously, how fabulous are these scarfs?!  But wait, there way more cooler than any old scarf, its a Necklush, working double duty as both a scarf and a stylish necklace.  My favorite are the Necklush Ultra version (featured above, bottom right) which feature more strands and are thicker around the neck, but I cant get enough of the colors & patterns used in the others featured above.  With Fall just around the corner I MUST have one.  And even better,  their handmade in Brooklyn! What more could a girl ask for? 
Now the problem lays, in which to choose… Im thinking I will go with the leopard one, top middle one, but then again I really want them all.  Then when I thought picking from the above was a problem, I came across their newest style, Necklush Chains!  A-MAZ-ING!  Love!  Below are my two favorites, but I think I have decided on the Chocolate w/Silver Print.  
What’s your favorite?
Check out the rest of the selection by stoping by their shop on Etsy.  
{images via NECKLUSH; photo credit: Walling McGarity,Brooklyn NY}

Currently Coveting: Demure Rockstar

13 Apr
Demure Rockstar

OMG! One look at these pumps and need I say more.  I mean I am seriously sitting here trying to justify a $900 purchase.  I mean look at them, how can you not fall in love.  There classy, sexy, demure and bad ass all rolled into one.  Not to mention they would really go with anything.  The nude patent, had me at hello but they Mr. Louboutin had to go and add a see through “glass slipper” effect and silver studs.  In the words of Rachel Zoe… I die!

Currently Coveting -Vintage Typewriter

14 Jun

Lately I have been seeing vintage typewriters everywhere. Maybe that’s because I spend my weekends at Flea Markets, who knows. What I do know is that I have always loved a beautiful typewriter, especially in a lovely candy coated shade of pink, blue, green or yellow. Funny enough, I can still remember actually using a typewriter to type up papers for school. I’m not quite sure if I did this because I had to or because I just liked using the typewriter but ever since the one that we had broke, I have always wanted another. I can just imagine a stormy spring evening sitting at my window, typing chapter’s from my autobiography while listening to the sounds of the rain and Ella Fitzgerald playing on the record player (which I also need to get) and sipping a chilled glass of Riesling. Aw, what a life…

One day I will find a typewriter that fits my style perfectly until then I guess I’m just stuck with this less attractive HP laptop, which although not nearly as cool, it does serve its purpose. You can’t exactly blog with a typewriter.