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From The Runway: Cynthia Rowley, Spring 2011

28 Sep
Cynthia Rowley never disappoints. For her Spring 2011 bubble cutouts were everywhere!  In a few looks its even borderline sexy, which is not something we usually see from Cynthia.  However with the length of the garments and the overall styling what could be sexy is transformed in to whimsical which is quintessential Cynthia Rowley.  I would wear look #2 & #3 exactly as is.  I love the embellished bubbles done on the shorts and as the waist of the extremely well fitting pants. Both looks are very faltering.  Look #1, #4 & #5 I would have to have shortened a bit… being 5’3 this mid calf length can go from chic to eek very quickly! Right above is a much better option. Then I would add a cami under look #1 and loosen up the blouse on look #4 and I would be good to go! 
The color palette really is amazing! Navy, Beeswax*, Lavender, Ecru & Silver Cloud*! Love! I might need to add this in to my future home decor or at least incorporate in to my Spring wardrobe.  
Well done Cynthia, well done!
*Beeswax & Silver Cloud both a apart of the Top 10 Colors for NY Fashion week! 

Hide & Seek…

19 Sep

With all of the recent fashion week events and fashion shows I think we were all a little in the mood for a beautiful Spring day…at least for the duration of fashion week. Don’t worry I am by no means in a a rush to skip Fall and Winter. The fall season just so happens to be my favorite, but in the spirit of fashion week, I too found myself with a small case of spring fever.

Be sure to check out this lovely short film by one of my favorite designers, Cynthia Rowley. The film is titled Hide & Seek and features looks from her Spring 2010 collection.

Stay tuned for a look at my favs from the runway.


One Swell Home…

18 May

Welcome to the home of Fashion Designer Cynthia Rowley. (Blogged about before here.. but so absolutely fabulous I had to do a repeat) Seriously, this is my absolute dream home. Every bit of the decor I love, It all fits my style to a tee. Purple…check. Glamour… check. Whimsical fantasy… double check. A fabulous career, stunning home and beautiful family with two adorable daughters Kit and Gigi Clementine, what more could a girl ask for.

Cynthia really is prof that a girl can have it all.


Cynthia Rowley- The Musical

11 May

Musical chairs that is….

When I first moved to NYC almost three years ago. My first job was working in Cynthia Rowley’s Design studio on Bleeker St. in the West Village. I know it sounds so glamorous… but actually I was the administrative assistant so the glamor part stopped basically as I turned the corner of the 2nd floor and walked up one more flight of stairs. There were good times and there sure were some bad ones, but honestly whenever I think back on my time there, I am so grateful. I got to work extremely close with one of my favorite designers, experience the design process, type up a few pages of her Slim Memoir, and participate in the holy grail that is known to the rest of the world as NY Fashion week. Not to mention my first couple of months in NYC were spent in the West Village enjoying all that it has to offer.

I will always continue to follow her career (click her for a peek into her sketch book) and hold a sense of pride at least for the fact that for a short time because of me things ran smoothly. =) I came across this video while visiting her site and absolutely fell in love, so I decided to share. Cynthia is an insanely creative individual, I only hope to be half as amazing as her one day.