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Kitchen Redo- Knobs Edition

6 May

Anthropologie Decorative Knobs

Kitchen Knobs
Created by MeClick on above pic for more details.

I recently started working on a small redo of my rather hideous kitchen. Nothing crazy or anything… just a little paint, some new dishes/towels, pretty cookbooks, a new teapot and a few plants here and there.
Click here to see my inspiration pic (also from Anthropologie).

Also I’m looking for your help. Above are a few of the Knobs that I like (all Anthro) and as you can see I’m going for a whole green and yellow things along with pops of a few color colors like a rosy pink. I would love to hear what you everyone thinks and which knob is their favorite. My current cabinets are white (three above the sink and 4 below with two drawers). The top three cabinets (or maybe just one) will be painted with charcoal gray chalkboard paint. So please chime in… Which ones are your favorite? Do you have other suggestions? All feedback is welcomed =)

I look forward to hearing from all of you very soon =)