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DIY Christmas Decor

13 Dec
1. 3-D Wooden Heart Ornament… buy it here or make your own out of red felt & string. 
2. Stockings made of felt & pom poms 
3. Shinny Satin Christmas Tree… made out of a pile of gold pillows 
4. A advent calendar made out of baby socks via Martha Stweart
5. Red & White Mitten Garland… buy it here via Lovely Clusters or make your own using felt, scissors and some tread. 

Sunday Morning Bloom’s 6/21/09

21 Jun

A Library of Love…

18 Jun

Some of you may have seen this lovely DIY by Grace of Poetic Home featured over on Design*Sponge… some of you may have not. And for those of you who have not seen it because you don’t follow Design*Sponge, first off shame on you (it really is one of the best) and second, I absolutely couldn’t let you go through life not knowing about this fabulous project, so I’m re-posting.

The project was inspired by vintage library catalog cards (which you can create yourself through this website). Grace decided to catalog all of the moments that her and her husband have experienced. Continuing on with the idea, she created library cards for these moments by replacing the cataloged book numbers with the dates of the special moments and then using chapters of there life in place of book titles. For step by step instructions and a list of supplies visit Design*Sponge.

I plan to file this away to one day create for someone special! Handmade gifts from the heart are always make the best gifts. It really is the little things that count after all.