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Emmy’s Fashion Trends 2010

30 Aug
Royal Hues & Ruffles
Sparkling Champagne
Although I was a bit underwhelmed in terms of the overall fashion statement at the 2010 Emmy’s, we must admit when was the last time we were actually overwhelmed at an awards show?  None the less I still like to keep hope alive.  Above are my favorite picks form the ladies that I saw.  Once I pulled them all together I found that of the six I liked they all fell in to one of two trends that seemed to be occurring on the red carpet, so I grouped them as such. I have to say my #1 would have to be January Jones, for the simple fact that she took a risk.  I love the color, the volume and the texture of the dress she choose, her new shoulder length bob was a winner too! Well done ladies! 
Who were your stand outs from the evening?
p.s.  Congrats to MadMen for winning a Emmy for Best Drama… much deserved! 

Emmy’s Tonight 7pm EST

29 Aug
I can’t wait for all the fashion we’re (hopefully) in for tonight!  

{image 1: unknown; image 2: here}