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How did I get to be so creative?

4 Jan
What an awesome explanation! Love it!!!

Birthday Wish List: Day 3

4 Nov
Who wouldn’t want to wear this pixel coat and swing high up in to the clouds?  I’m loving the fact that this coat has a hood and hot pinking lining… I mean could it be more perfect.  And, what a unique and whimsical necklace, such a great choice for a gift. 
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Etsy Must Have: Leilanni Land

1 Sep
In theory a shrug, a skirt and a sweatshirt are all very simple items, but then I discovered Leilanni Land and they became so much more.  In Leilanni Land a simple shrug is transformed into a cocoon cardi-cape in black and while chiffon, $120; a basic pull-over in magically changed into a pointy sleeve sweatshirt in heather gray fit for a superhero, $45; and a basic skirt becomes a sexy elastic cage skirt with underlining, on sale for $84. I mean seriously, Its clear to see that Leilanni has a knack for making the ordinary look extraordinary.
Check out their Etsy shop here and blog here

Over the Moon for Sara Moon

3 Nov


Today I learned of a lovely new artist, well actually an artist that has been around for quite sometime so not EXACTLY new but NEW to me. Sara Moon. A dear friend of mine A.Zimm who has a fabulous etsy shop, AnthroPovertie, where she sell wonderful “unearthed treasures” had this beautiful print featured on her site for a while now. Honestly, I had just figured it sold. But then today to my surprise as I mentioned that I absolutely love it and was thinking about purchase, my friend said it’s yours! =) YAY!!! I’m beyond excited and can’t wait to hang it on the wall in my bedroom.

Bel0w are a few other prints I found on the Sara Moon website, but I still think “Melanie” is the fairest of them all…


“Rocker Girl”


{photos via: A.Zimm and Sara Moon}

P.S. Be sure to click here to see more of AnthroPovertie’s Unearthed Treasures. Believe me, you wont be disappointed!

Featured Designer: Bloom Studios by Christine Mighion

10 Aug

Lovely Chocolate Diamond Ring; $600

8mm Black Rose Cut Diamond and
14k Gold Ring
2.10 Carats $970

Purity Earrings – 14k Gold,
Oxidized Sterling Silver, and Aquamarine $190

Rough Uncut Natural Pink Sapphire, 14k Gold,
Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace; $136

14k Gold and Swarovski Crystal Hoopla
Chandelier Earrings $220

Champagne Kisses – 14k Gold and
Champagne Diamonds $425

I came across this absolutely stunning collection of jewelry while browsing on etsy and knew right away that I must share. Bloom Studios created by Christine Mighion is an organic jewelry line featuring recycled metals and natural gemstones. Each piece in the collection is so magical and unique. Any girl would be lucky to have even just one of these pieces in her personal jewelry collection. As for me, I’ll take one of everything! 😉

To learn more about Bloom Studios or purchase one of my favorites featured above please visit Christine’s blog here and her etsy shop here.


Spotlight: MKendall Photography

9 Apr

I discovered MKendall’s photography on and instantly fell in love. I love the vintage quality that all of her photos possess, as well as the overlaying of image’s that she has become known for. MKendall comes from a painting background which explains her artistic approach to her photography. She says that her style has been described as ” dreamlike, surreal and filled with the essence of memories” and that she “tends to create images of a world I can only dream about, but long to go to.” Sounds like my kinda girl! Above are a few of my favorite pieces which are all available for purchase through her etsy shop.

For more of MKendall’s work check out her flickr page.
You can also follow her blog Polaroid Cupcake for even more inspiration!


Candy Girl… You Are My World

31 Mar
Love Candy Print $25, MadeByGirl

I have been eying this print above from MadeByGirl for quite some time now but couldn’t decided which color to get. Although I love color and simply can’t see decorating with out it, there is something about the subdued effect of the newly featured Seafoam Love Candy Print that I love. I think it would look absolutely perfect in my bedroom.

I recently discovered MadeByGirl when I first started reading Jennifer’s blog, and since then I have been following her postings for the past 6 months now. Her blog is AMAZING! Filled with so much C.O.L.O.R (which I adore) and tons of inspiration! Not to mention shes an amazing designer as well… check out her Etsy shop & her website for unique and eco-friendly cards & prints.