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Custom Pillows Anyone…

31 Dec

So decorating my apartment is a never ending task… especially when your as creative and eclectic with your decorating style as I am… there is ALWAYS something new (our in my case vintage) out there that you have to have. So far my living room is coming along just the way I had hoped (please excuse the slight mess, I had just purchased three round tables Cira 1960’s at the Brooklyn Flea and was so excited, that I had to take pics ASAP)

Of course I still want a rug for the floor and pillows galore. Along with more art work on the walls, but my original vision is starting to come to life, which is a wonderful feeling. From this view you can see I have two vintage sketches which I love, one being the Eiffel Tower, the other being the Notredame Cathedral, both from Paris, France. A close up will follow as soon as I get back to Brooklyn.

Now as I mentioned there are still many things I want to do when it comes to decorating my apartment but the first on my list will be making customer pillows for my living room. An easy enough task you say… but the real challenge is finding the right fabric. Well as luck may have it, I came across this fabric while reading one of my favorite blogs Madebygirl and I think it will work absolutely wonderfully, as the colors play off of all of the existing colors in my room.

Below is a pic of the fabric I will be ordering….

Mod Green Pod- Butterfly Jubilee $39.75 per yd

Isnt it lovely…. I think the yellow, white and pink will play perfectly off of my mellow yellow walls with white crown molding, my not so white anymore couch and my pleasantly pink curtains. 🙂

Don’t worry once there made I will update you with new pics.