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(Wallet Friendly) Wish List: F21 Nov 09

19 Nov

While the economy is seeing a slight improvement I feel like the term wallet friendly is here to stay. Consumers overall have become smarter about their purchases and are choosing to spend there money more on investment pieces. But a girls gotta eat.. so to speak. So when it comes to fashion trends I personally love turning to F21, Zara, H&M and TOPSHOP for wallet friendly options that bring you instant gratification.

Below is my current Wish List at F21. All items featured are UNDER $30! Yes, I said thirty dollars and under! Now I’m not saying these items will last you a lifetime, but I have found if you take care of your purchases (even from F21) they will last just about as long as you need them. Case in point… I have a fabulous corduroy blazer that I purchased from f21 back in 2002 and still wear it come Fall to this very day!

Basketweave Trim Tunic $11.50

Grommet Knit $17.50

Crep Chiffon Beaded Top $24.80

Urban Studded Booties $28.50

Dolman Shimmer Sweater Tunic $22.80

Leatherette Shingle Skirt $22.80

So go out, spend a little money and if you start to feel bad just reminder yourself you doing the economy good. What are some of your go to stores and or websites for wallet friendly fashions?? Do share…