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So Much To Do, So Little Time

23 Aug
Hello everyone, long time no see!  I know its my fault,  I seemed to become MIA basically since the beginning of the year. Things in Fallonland have been pretty crazy since then and well I hate to attempt it but my pretty little Fairytale suffered because of it. Sorry if you felt a bit abandoned, please know that I still thought about all of you often!  I just simply didn’t have the energy to come home after a 12+ hr day at work and share my wishes & dreams.  Of course that most certainly doesn’t not mean that I stopped wishing and dreaming all together, that would just be pure craziness!  My wishes & dreams were still alive and kicking I just never seemed to find the moment to be able to share them. That is until now!  Things in Fallonland are still JUST as crazy, in fact maybe even more so since traveling season is picking up again. But I have vowed to try my hardest to balance work, play and my blog, because I really do love it and it really does bring me joy!  So this week, Im back! and better than ever.  I have a post lined up for you each day so stay tuned as I promise nothing short of pure fabulousness for the week ahead.  Miss Fallon is jumping back on the horse and making it all happen. So even though I have a lot of my plate at the moment… Im stacking them high and taking it one day at a time!  Honestly I thrive in this sort of madness… and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
By the way, Im so excited to be so close to having 100 followers!  I know it doesn’t sound like much, considering most blogs admire/aspire to be have 1,000 – 4,000 easily, but hey its a start.  Im just flattered that 81 people have chosen share in my Fairytale Wishes & Dreams and I just want to make them proud. If your not a follower yet but you love my blog, go ahead and click the follow button on the top left under the banner.  I promise you wont be disappointed!   

p.s. The above fabulous sketch is done by one of my personal favs.. Brooke Hagel of Fabulous Doodles.  She’s is an amazing artist. Check out her blog here and etsy shop here.

Happy week ahead everyone!!!