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Featured Designer: Sugar Candy Jewelry

14 Aug

While walking through Macy’s Herald Square today, these fabulous zipper necklaces caught my eye. At first I was shocked that Macy’s of all place had something like this. The overall style I could imagine more at a place like Bergdrof Goodmen or a trendy boutique in Soho. I know the whole zipper trend has been happening for a while now, but I really love the whole heart and bow shapes mixed with the delicate chain. Its a very nice feminine meets masculine look, which is very in for fall.

I would really love to know more about this designer, who they are, where there from… but I couldn’t find anything on the web. Maybe I’m just not a good google searcher, but hey, at least I tried. If you happen to know more about Sugar Candy, please let me know. For now I guess there only available at Macy’s.

Featured Designer: Bloom Studios by Christine Mighion

10 Aug

Lovely Chocolate Diamond Ring; $600

8mm Black Rose Cut Diamond and
14k Gold Ring
2.10 Carats $970

Purity Earrings – 14k Gold,
Oxidized Sterling Silver, and Aquamarine $190

Rough Uncut Natural Pink Sapphire, 14k Gold,
Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace; $136

14k Gold and Swarovski Crystal Hoopla
Chandelier Earrings $220

Champagne Kisses – 14k Gold and
Champagne Diamonds $425

I came across this absolutely stunning collection of jewelry while browsing on etsy and knew right away that I must share. Bloom Studios created by Christine Mighion is an organic jewelry line featuring recycled metals and natural gemstones. Each piece in the collection is so magical and unique. Any girl would be lucky to have even just one of these pieces in her personal jewelry collection. As for me, I’ll take one of everything! 😉

To learn more about Bloom Studios or purchase one of my favorites featured above please visit Christine’s blog here and her etsy shop here.


Featured Designer: Dirty Story Jewelry

30 Jul
Snakeskin Cuff $27

Zebra Cuff $25

Floral Silhouette $25

I came across Dirty Story Jewelry on Etsy and I mean seriously, I think the pictures above speak for themselves. The featured artist creates amazingly beautiful and quite unique brass cuffs featured above. My favorite (I think) is the flower silhouette, although I love them all. I might need a few of these in my ever growing collection.

Be sure to check out their shop on etsy for even more gorgeous finds at very affordable prices, ranging from $15-$35.