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Halloween 09: Little Toy Soldier

25 Oct

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Well its that time of year again when girls dress a little less but don’t get judge for it (lol) … All hallows eve or better known as Halloween. For the past couple of weeks I was planning on going as Wonder Woman… but then today I decided a toy soldier would be much more original and way cuter! Plus I came across these super cute leg warmers that I HAD to have:

So I have decided how easy would it be to pull this together? A red cardigan, navy scarf or fleece fabric trimmed with bold buttons and chains, gold fringe on the shoulders, white bustier with red ribbon trim and navy pleated skirt. All paired with the super cute leg warmers and black patent pumps… (the Louboutin’s featured above are but a dream but something similar will work). I also though white gloves would be cute trimmed with navy cuffs, buttons and ruffles. That way if I get a little warm I can take the cardigan off but my costume will still be cute.

Tomorrow I’m hitting the streets of Manhattan to find the necessary elements for my costume. I created the above collage to keep me focused. Wish me luck!

Fallon (The Little Toy Soldier)