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Fairytale Wishes I Dream Of…

8 Feb
“Life is just not worth living, without wishes & dreams…” -Fallon

About four weeks ago I stated this fabulous e-course, Blogging Your Way, taught by Holly Becker of decor8 & Leslie Shewring of A Creative Mint. So far the class has been absolutely fabulous as both Holly & Leslie have proved to be a tremendous wealth of knowledge and inspiration. I only wish that I could dedicate more time to soaking it all in, but with a high demanding job in fashion I have to fit it in where its able to fit.

Along with the class each week Holly gives us a homework assignment and I think most in the class would agree that Week 3 was the best one yet. This past week, we were instructed to create a inspiration board that best defined our style and that which we wanted to cover on our blog. Above is my creation… which I have to say I was very, VERY pleased with.

I want my blog to be fashion focused but from a whimsical, fantastical point of view. I want to share with the world the way I see it, the things I love and my personal style. I hope to inspire others with my creativity and the things that I choose to share. I would like to start incorporating more of my own designs… ie. sketching, projects, DIY etc. I would love to start exploring photography and sharing that with my readers as well as highlighting other artist/creative types that inspire me. I would also like to eventually open a Etsy shop of my own selling vintage finds and or my own designs and I would like to use this blog as a transition into that and a way of organizing my ideas and inspiration.

I actually found it kind of ironic that this assignment had us focus of what we what to accomplish with out blog. Just this week I received an email from a 9 yr old girl who just wanted to tell me how much she loved my blog. She had many questions about my job in fashion and NYC, some of which included: “do I sketch my designs?” “when did I know I wanted to work in fashion” and “can you send me pics of the fashion district”. My heart literally melted reading this little girls email and at that moment I knew why I started this blog. To inspire others and in the process inspire myself. There are many fairytale wishes that I dream of that I would like to share, hopefully in the process I will inspire many along the way.

Below are a few detailed shots. I hope you enjoy!

*jump below for a behind the scenes explanation of my inspiration board**

“a great believer in fairy tales”

“It’s just a piece of cloth,
but you have to bring some dream to it”

“Ever wondered what a million good ideas
welded together looks like?”

“Once upon a time”
… “name your own destiny, follow your own dreams”

“If you love to look pretty”

“Let you heart guide you”

Behind the scenes:

  • In the top left corner the black & white image is a postcard my dear friend Yaz sent me from Paris circa Nov. 2008 She was there to marry the love of her life at The Palace of Versailles
  • Next to that… the pretty young lady is my mother’s high school senior pic… circa 1977
  • Two Broadway tickets to Mary Poppins *childhood favorite* (as I would like to share my everyday fun experiences)
  • A pic of my great grandma circa 1936-39ish… Love her style, even own many of her dresses.
  • A modern take on a fairytale image (Dorthy & toto… *another fav*)
  • Bella Pillar sketch (top right corner)
  • Purple’s my favorite color, in case you didn’t notice
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s <— consent source of inspiration!
  • The perfect yellow diamond ring!
  • My experience in fashion… bottom right corner includes an invite to (formal employer) Cynthia Rowley’s Spring show circa Sept. 2006 and the image of the model in the floral print dress is Michael Kors (current employer).
  • The middle sketch (purple ruffles) is Alice Temperley Fall 2008 the other sketches are my own.
  • FLOWERS! I love them and believe that fresh flowers on Sunday can brighten your whole week. I would like to start photographing my own each week hopefully soon!
  • Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Lorean <— "My daily muse…"
  • I (heart) Paris!
  • “Your hidden creative talents will soon be revealed” <— received via a fortune cookie (bottom right corner)

*all of the above help to not only define my style but define what it is that I want to share/create with my blog.

Inspiration Collage: Sunday’s Are For Dreaming

3 Jun

This past Sunday I spent the evening with a friend, creating inspiration collages. When I suggested that we go through my old magazines and tear out images that we love, she was a little confused. You see she had never experienced the joy of creating a collage based on your mood and what inspires you… but she was excited and eager to try something new.

I explained the process to her and although it took a little while for her to catch on, in the end I think she did a great job at expressing a particular mood that was inspiring her at the moment. My joy came in the fact that not only was I partaking in one of my favorite activities, but I was also able to share this moment with a friend who thoroughly enjoyed the process and appreciated me sharing it with her. The fact that you could see the sense of accomplishment on her face once her project was complete and that I had a part in that was such a great feeling.

So here it is. The end result of my lovely Sunday Evening. I love how mine (the first one) seemed to end up creating a very light, airy, daydream like quality while my friends was dark, edgy and a tad rebellious which expressed our moods, at the time, perfectly.

“Sundays Are For Dreaming”
By: Fallon Carmichael
“Urban Rebellion
by: Candice G.

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