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Live your life…

13 Dec
one perfect day after the next! 
Happy Monday!
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This is your LIFE.

17 Nov
Just a little reminder that THIS IS YOUR LIFE! I think I might hang this on my wall so that I can read it daily and remind myself to make the best of it! Life is TOO short and “just not worth living without wishes & dreams…”  


12 Oct
…luckily making things look nice is part of what I do for a living! When you love what you do, its no longer a job.
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"Make it Work"

7 Oct
Photo Credit: William Bragg
The last few days have been pretty intense for me as I plan, prepare, and execute our Spring 2011 Visual Guideline shoot at work.  This time of year (which happens every 3 months) is the craziest most intense 4 days ever, but it is also my favorite part of my job.  During this time my creative is always tested while I try to “make it work” as Tim Gunn would say.  It’s nice to have a challenge, especially when the end result is successful.  The above photo I think is a great reminder of what this week really means to me.  Its the “moment” that is captured and meant to convey a certain perspective.  Amongst all the craziness that is this week, its nice to be able to sit back for a moment and think, I have a job that I love doing.  One that continues to not only challenge me, but that allows me creative freedom, the the ability make an impact, and above all one that I truly do love. Not many can say that.  I’m a lucky girl! 

Where in the world in Fallon….

23 Apr
My “life” in Mexico!
Hello all my lovely readers!  I am sure you have been wondering where they heck I have been basically since the clock struck 2010.  Well let me start from the beginning (with the condensed version of course).  Basically in December of last year I found out that my Boss was being promoted to a completely different division with out a replacement in site.  As you can imagine my life got a little crazy from that moment on, which would explain the lack of post.  Then February a new Director was announced (LOVE her by the way) and then begin my “MK World tour as I like to call it”  In the past two and a half Months I have been to Mexico 4 times (currently here now), Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles 2xs, San Francisco 2xs, Fairfield- Ca oh and don’t forget I live in NYC… on top of my brother coming to visit for a week, being asked to be God Mother to my friends little baby girl (born 4/22; 7am), getting PROMOTED (New Title = Retail Development Manager of Accessories & Footwear) and searching for a new apartment.  As you can tell life has been just a “tad” crazy. 
Actually, now that I look at it… now wonder I’ve been tired! Any-who, I wanted to check in with all of you and let you know you are not forgotten.  Also I still plan on introducing the new exciting updates I mentioned a few months ago as a result of my Blogging your Way class and hope to get back to work on them soon!  Below are a few pics from my recent trips to Mexico City, Mexico and Monterrey, Mexico to install MICHAEL KORS Shops within El Palacio!  Pretty exciting stuff as this is our first steps into working with Mexico.