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The Kennedy’s – Beyond Excited!!!

4 Apr
I am beyond excited for the mini series The Kennedy’s… I grew up being obsessed with their family and the Kennedy Administration, probably because my mom was as well. I have read so many books that relate to JFK & Jackie, both fact and fiction and I can’t wait to see how this mini serious compares.  Especially since it is said to be very close to the truth.  So much so that the Kennedy family tried to ban it from ever hitting the air.  Well unfortunately for them and fortunate for us, it aired tonight, the first two of 8 episodes, on Reelz Channel. If you missed it, don’t worry the first two will air again tomorrow night at 8pm, then get ready for #3, its airs Tuesday! 
On another note is Katie Holmes stunning. She completely embodies Jackie Kennedy and Greg Kinnear is the spitting image of JFK. Hats off to the casting team,  job well done!

500 Days of Summer: You Make my Dreams Come True

7 Mar

I feel as if I was the last person to finally see 500 Days of Summer, but boy was it worth the wait. I instantly feel in love with this movie. Im actually watching it again as we speak; I loved it that much. First off what a way to catch the audiences attention… The movie starts off with a “Legal Disclaimer” stating the following: “any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental’….Especially you, Jenny Beckman. Bitch.” I mean seriously, the director had me at hello… or I guess I could say he had me at “bitch”. Instantly I was intrigued. (Read more about Jenny Beckman HERE) The the movie continues to impress me. I love the handmade quality of the sketches throughout the film and how it jumps back and forth throughout the 500 days that Summer had a hold on Tom’s life. I love the way there is a story teller who provides you with the background information on each charter. How cute is the part about “boy meets girl”! “Summer Fin was a woman. Height: average, weight: average, show size: slightly above average… while she rides down the street on her fabulous bicycle. -Very 1950’s, in both tone of voice, images on the screen and the black & white film when these sequences occur.

Overall I found 500 Days of Summer perfect in every way. The music was a joy, the script was outstanding and the editing of the movie was absolutely inspiring (especially the expectations vs. reality sequence towards the end). By far my favorite part was the dance sequence set to “You Make my Dreams Come True” . I mean come on, we all have those days when everything seems to be going better than planned… the sun is shinning, the birds and chirping, a smile is on permanently plastered on your face and you can’t help but break out in to song and dance with all the passerby’s on the street joining in. At least I know I do, in my imagination anyways. Check out the video below, its sure to bring a smile to your face even if you haven’t seen the movie yet.