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The Inspiration Behind "Just The Way You Are"…

25 Oct

Pretty much every morning I “Jump Start” my day with VH1… so its no surprise when their top favorites become my favorites.  One of my current ones being “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars. First of all its such a simple, beautiful song, how could any girl not love it.  We all at one point or another wished that some guy would come along and write us a song about how beautiful we are (we’ll at least I do) and then sing it to us while creating a portrait of us out of the tape from an old cassette… ? Huh?  a cassette tape.  How did that fall into the fantasy?  Well, if you have seen the video then you would know exactly what I am talking about.  Song aside, the images created from the cassette table are my FAVORITE part of the video.  I was in awe watching them come to life each time it came on.  So much in awe that I HAD to find out more.  So I did.


The video was inspired by an extremely talented young artist, Erika Iris Simmons from St. Louis. She creates these amazing pieces of art from recycle cassette tape and 8mm film. A true visionary!  Her website describes her art a blend between conceptual art, craft making and pop culture.  Straight from her ‘about me’ on her site… “there is always a hidden world to be found seemingly mundane”.  I couldn’t of said it better myself.  It seems that me and Ericka have a thing in common. Below are some of my favorites from her flickr stream

Ghost in the Machine – Fred and Ginger
8mm Recycled Film with Kodak reel
Erika Iris Simmons

Ghost in the Machine – Fred and Adele
8mm Recycled film on white canvas
Erika Iris Simmons

Ghost in the Machine- Michael Jackson
Tribute to Michael Jackson, cassette tape on canvas, 2009
Erika Iris SImmons

Ghost in the Machine: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe coming out of old 8mm film reel, recycled film on canvas, 2009. Happy Birthday Mr. President.

Erika Iris Simmons
Check out the video below in case you haven’t seen it, of if your like me and love watching it over and over again.   This time hopefully you will pay a little more attention to the inspiration behind it and be thankful that you now know where is came from…Enjoy!
Bruno MarsNew Music – More Music Videos

Hello Tuesday… it’s time to Twirl!

7 Sep
We’ll mid-September is right around the corner, Labor day has come and gone, and now we must all return to work on this too soon Tuesday.  But fear not my lovelies, there is always tons of fantastical fun to be had!  NY Fashion Week starts Thursday (see schedule here), FNO (Fashion Night Out) is this Friday and “Hello Its Tuesday”!!! for most of use meaning its a four day work week and the weekend is that much closer!  So with that said, I am officially declaring today Twirling Tuesday, and of course, thanks to Kate Spade you will have the tunes and accessories to do so in style.  Above are a few of my favorites from Kate Spades new twirl line and below you can click on the link to download The Twirl playlist for free.  Yes, I said FREE… there is no catch.  You don’t have to purchase anything you don’t have to sign up for an annoying email list or become a member.  Just click on the link and all 10 songs are yours to twirl to whenever you please. 

Click HERE to download the entire playlist for FREE! There is also a really cute video to check out if your looking for a little twirling inspiration.

Happy Twirling Tuesday!

I wanna be… B.B. Homemaker

18 Jul
So I know I’m a tad late on letting all of you know how much I LOVE Beyonce’s new Video “Why Don’t you Love Me”, I mean lets face it, I have been a bit late on everything lately.  I could give you the same excuses.. work is crazy, yadda, yadda, yadda.  But instead of doing that I’m jsut going to stuck it up and still post all of the fabulous things I have been meaning to, those things that have been piling up in my inspiration file on my desktop in hopes that you will still love it.  I mean look at the bright side, by now you probably forgot all about this video and now its like I’m bringing it back, or so I hope.  
So back to the topic at hand. Beyonce introduces her 2nd or is it 3rd (I can’t keep up) alter ego, B.B. Homemaker in her latest video “Why Don’t You Love Me” and I must say… the song I could take it or leave it but the VIDEO I could watch over and over again.  I love the 1950’s sitcom theme complete with 50’s housewife, vintage cars, voice overs and theme music.  I simply can’t get enough.  I’m loving the look!  
 Click HERE to see the video!                                                        
It may be too early to say, but I think I may have to channel my inner B.B. Homemaker come Halloween this year.  What do you think?  I could totally pull it off right?
{images: via screen shots from vimeo}

New Blog Updates

14 Aug

Check out my new Currently Reading & Currently Listening To featured in the column on the right hand side. I plan to update this monthly, so please be sure to check them out.

August 2009:

Currently reading: Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake

Currently listening to: Mozella (the entire album)
*Thanks for the recommendation Rachel L.!

Previous Month:

Reading: Frank Sinatra, The Man and the Myth
Listening To: Lykke Li

Once upon a time, In a far away land…

28 Nov

Welcome to my own “Fairytale Wishes & Dreams”. I created this blog to share with the world the magically, whimsical world that I live in… or at least “think” I live in. I will share with you my love of fashion, art, design, music, culture and all things lovely. This world is a crazy place, but I am a firm believer in the saying that life is what you make it and that everything really does happen for a reason.

I am a very creative person who thinks that life is just not worth living with out wishes and dreams. Anything is possible and don’t every let anyone tell you otherwise. There is nothing wrong with creating a little fantasy in your life… after all, you never know, your Fairytale Prince just MIGHT show up one day and sweep you off your feet… but regardless as long as you’re creating the fantasy you’ll never be too far from a “Happily Ever After”