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BK Flea Top Five 6/6/09

12 Jun

First off, I apologize that my Top 5 Picks are so late this week, but I came down with a nasty bug that I’m finally starting to kick (thank God). The good news is that I have some great finds from this past weekend at the flea to share with you today and the even better news is that starting this coming weekend, the flea will actually be an entire weekend long celebration for the duration of the season. Saturdays will continue in Fort Greene and as of 6/14/09, the flea will also commerce underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. How fabulous does that sound?

Well now lets quit the chit chat and get down to business.

BK Flea Top 5:

Hand Crafted Storage Cabinet
The details were amazing. You can’t see in this picture but the wood was actually cared to perfectly fit the vintage piece in the top right corner.

Visual Graphic Map of Brooklyn
by: Jim Datz for Three Potato Four
LOVED this! …should of bought it (maybe next time)

Vintage Toddler Dress
My future little girl may one day hate me for this, but I would totally make her wear this. But then again, maybe she’ll love fashion like me and one day be thankful =)

Reupholstered Chair $400
Although a little pricey for a flea market, I loved the color and pattern used in this design.

Vintage Cosmetic Case
Perfect for travel or decorating your dressing table.

Yummy Food at the Flea…

Of course I stuck with my beloved pupusas, but my friend was adventurous enough to try the very appealing Asia Dog’s. Which by the way passed the test with flying colors!

Asia Dog, Veggie Hot Dogs
Left: “The Mash” spicy ketchup, jalapeƱo mustard w/ potato
chip crumbs; Right: “The Sidney” mango, cucumber,red onion, and fishsauce relish

and how cool was this

Peoples Pops
“Local grown” hand shaved ice with gourmet flavors.
In the words of People’s Pops “They’re Turbo Tasty!”

My friend & I tried the Lemon/Mint shaved ice and
not only were we impressed with the preparation the ice was delish! Check out their blog here!