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Inspiration: Umbrella Photography

25 Jun

“When all the world is a hopeless jumble and the rain drops tumble all around. Heaven opens a magic place. When all the clouds darken up the sky way, there’s a rainbow highway to be found.” -Somewhere, Ella Fitzgerald

Brooklyn Bound
by Ramperto via flickr

Dancing in the Rain
via black and white tumblr

In case you were wondering where my BK Flea Top 5 Picks disappeared to, fear not, the weekly feature has just been on a hiatus for the last few weeks due to the rain. As much as the weather here in New York has really been getting me down, I must admit there really is something so romantic about a cloudy, dark and stormy day. The one thing I love about the rain is umbrellas. I find them so enchanting and whimsical. In my opinion, umbrella’s as well as rain boots are always the high points of any rainy day. As long as you have nowhere to go, the rain can be quite relaxing, the perfect backdrop to a never ending adventure through your neighborhood. (I had one myself this past Sunday and it was quite lovely). And don’t forget, you can’t experience a rainbow without a storm.

Now all rainy day adventures aside… seriously, if anyone sees “summer” let her know that all of us her in NYC miss her dearly and are restlessly awaiting her arrival.