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J.Crew… About A Shoe

29 Jan

My BFF and I just so happen to be planning a trip to Italy this year, were thinking September… (more on that later), which is why when I came across this video I got even more excited about planning my trip.  Now if only I could get a visit to the J.Crew shoe factory on my itinerary, I would be set. I so want to be Jenna when I grow up.  sigh… watch the video below and you’ll understand. 

The Look for Less… Taupe/Grey Flat Boots

25 Oct
If your looking for a great pair of taupe/grey color leather flat boots, like I was last week but didn’t want to spend nearly $400, then your in look.  I found these fabulous pair of boots are Target last week for only $49.99.  There real leather, a GREAT color and super comfortable.  Need I say more.  These are for sure a must and if you feel like splurging the Anthro option look great as well and I’m sure either have some really cool lining or come in a fabulous box. 

Featured Illustrator: Kate Doodle’s

21 Jul

While browsing flickr I came across this lovely artist based out of London Kate Doodles and fell in love right away. My favorite collection of her’s is the little birds mixed with high fashion shoes. The end result creates such a whimsical “happy” image that instantly brings a smile to my face. After a little searching I found out that not only is Kate an amazing artist but she also has a very cute blog, Little Doodles as well as a shop on where you can purchase her delightful prints.

Below are a few of my favorite…

Click HERE for her blog HERE for her Etsy Shop and HERE to view her flickr account.


Every Girl Needs McQueen

4 Feb

I know, I know…. were in a recession you say. So why am I even thinking of looking at a pair of shoes ringing in at a stifling $835…costing more than some peoples rent (no people I know of course, but I’m sure they exist)???

Well when you take black patent leather, a 5″ heel, hot pink soles, and a heart shaped peep toe, oh and did I mention their ALEXANDER McQUEEN… do I really need to explain any further?

These shoes are H.O.T.!!! Go ahead, see for your self. But don’t blame me if you stop eating for the next month just so you can afford them =)

P.S. If you happen to know a “suga daddy” who would like to purchase these for me… please send him my way. Size 36. Preciate it! 😉