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Sunday Afternoons…

21 Mar

Hello My Lovelies!

Its another beautiful day in the neighborhood!  The sun is shinning bright, Spring seems to have arrived and my brother & his best friend are in town, which means the day could not get any better if we tried. Yesterday we had quite an adventure which started off in Clinton Hill/Fort Greene, Brooklyn, then found us in Chinatown, Basketball in Harlem, Picnic/Rowing in Central Park and shopping on 5th Ave.  Now here it is Sunday and its time to enjoy the more simple things that NY has to offer.  Were headed out for the day… got a little bit of a late start as the boys slept in.  Were planning on hitting up the Brooklyn Flea, exploring DUMBO, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, shopping in SOHO and were ever else the day may take us. Don’t worry I will be sure to share a few pics with you from our afternoon adventures.

I hope you all have a lovely day as well! Remember to slow down, forget your “to do list” and embrace Sunday’s as they were meant to be.  Go out and create your own perfect Sunday afternoon!  Leave a comment an let me know what you did too, I would love to know =)

Sunday Afternoons…

7 Mar
Formally known as Sunday Morning Blooms… I have decided to bring back a wonderful weekly feature of mine but with a new twist.  Perfection to me rarely comes in the form of an object but rather in a feeling.  A feeling that nothing really matters in the world but your own happiness and the happiness of those you love.  A feeling that life goes on no matter what, that God is always right there with you, that our world really is a wonderful place, and that beauty can be seen in the smallest and most unexpected places.  In my eyes such a place exist on Sunday Afternoons.  The air always seems a little bit fresher, the sky a tad bit brighter and time moves just a second slower.  Sunday Afternoons are the days when you can focus on yourself and your loved ones, read a good book, take a stroll in the park, or pick up some fresh flowers from the farmers market…the possibilities are endless. 
In this weekly feature I will highlight the moments that I think make a perfect Sunday Afternoon.  Some I may personally experience, so may be part fairytale, but with all I think at least one of you will be able to relate. My only wish is that when you stop by on Sundays you leave with a smile on your face and a warm feeing in your heart. I hope to inspire you all to take the time to pause this roller coaster called life and take the time to truly enjoy it.  
“Be happy for this moment, for this moment is your life”
-Omar Khayyam

Sunday Afternoons

are for riding your bicycle down the road with the wind blowing in your hair and picnics in the park that last way longer than planned. Spring is in the air in NYC, which made for a perfect day to bring out my bicycle and ride to my hearts content.  How did you spend your Sunday Afternoon? Please do share…

Now I’m off for a mani/pedi… Here’s to a fabulous week ahead!

{photos via: We Heart It}