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Hello world!

28 Sep

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Ralph Lauren Presents… The RL Gang: A Fantastically Amazing School Adventure

2 Sep

This is the story of a group of not so ordinary children, who came to school and had a not so ordinary day….

I came across this lovely Fairytale for Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2010 Children’s Collection titled The RL Gang: A Fantastically Amazing School Adventure. Whoever was the mastermind behind this project is a genius! It is the cutest little thing I have ever seen.  The story follows a group of children on their first day of school.  We all know how the first day of school is really all about “your first day of school outfit”, which plays a big roll in the story.  I also love how the children are featured in a real life watercolor painted storybook land, which really adds to the overall Fairytale setting.

The story centers on one fabulous group of children.  They are super cute , the style is impeccable, and there names are ones to envy!  Below are my four favorite looks from the story from Willow, Zoe, Jasper & Hudson. Hudson with his Grandpa’s vintage camera is totally my favorite, but shhh, don’t tell the other kids I wouldn’t want them to get jealous!

The fun doesn’t stop there.  You can actually purchase a printed copy of the book HERE or let the kids in on the fun too!!!  Click HERE and help them to create their very own children’s book!!! 

Wishing & Dreaming On The Boulevard of Broken Dreams

22 Aug
J.Crew is giving me everything this season, I just can’t seem to get enough.  The Marinete Feather Jacket above, it to die for!  Now if only I could figure out how I could justify spending $1,200 on a jacket. For those of you that may “have it like that” or if you just want to go on wishing & dreaming like me the jacket is available here.  

Lauren Moffatt: Fall 2010

16 Aug
I had never heard of Lauren Moffatt before until reading the recent issue of Lonny Magazine.  Let me just say it was love at first site.  The way her Fall line is styled is what really drew me in. I love the mix of fabrics, patterns and colors.  Being born and raised in Northern California I have always been a fan of layering! The school girl chic vibe was also a nice touch.  This season, I vow to try the whole sock and heel combo and I plan to actually pull it off.  Stay tuned…

Be sure to check out Lauren Moffatt’s website to see the entire Fall collection, as well as the Gold pained “hand & foot” chair on the homepage, which is to die for!

Triumph Inspiration Awards: My Favs!

15 Aug
I came across the Triumph Inspiration Awards via Frou Frou Fashionista.  Find out more about the contest by clicking the link above.
 You have until August 31st to enter to win 2 tickets to the VIP Triumph Inspiration Award Ceremony.  The contest is open worldwide (except for those in the USA)  Bummer!  Either way I can still cast my vote here… above are my four favorites! 

Illustration In Motion

31 May

I am giddy with excitement to show you this video as I absolutely adore it and I think you might too! I came across it on the Lulu Magazine Website under your “scrapbook” section and knew that I must share. The video titled Frankie & Johnny (No wonder I love it, my little pup is named Frankie) created by animator Isobel Knowles from Melbourne Australia, no relation to Beyonce. Knowles was commissioned by Lulu Magazine to create a animation to play alongside a song by Autosharp instructor Harvey Reid. To be honesty with you, I don’t know much about Autosharp, however, I do know I love this video.

Sunday Morning Bloom’s

11 Jan
Orchid-and-lilac arrangement, Banchet Flowers, $450