Sunday Morning Blooms: Special Delivery

15 May
A girl can dream, can’t she? … 


15 May

The Kennedy’s – Beyond Excited!!!

4 Apr
I am beyond excited for the mini series The Kennedy’s… I grew up being obsessed with their family and the Kennedy Administration, probably because my mom was as well. I have read so many books that relate to JFK & Jackie, both fact and fiction and I can’t wait to see how this mini serious compares.  Especially since it is said to be very close to the truth.  So much so that the Kennedy family tried to ban it from ever hitting the air.  Well unfortunately for them and fortunate for us, it aired tonight, the first two of 8 episodes, on Reelz Channel. If you missed it, don’t worry the first two will air again tomorrow night at 8pm, then get ready for #3, its airs Tuesday! 
On another note is Katie Holmes stunning. She completely embodies Jackie Kennedy and Greg Kinnear is the spitting image of JFK. Hats off to the casting team,  job well done!

Sunday Morning Blooms…

3 Apr
Its no surprise, I love Sunday’s. The smell of fresh flowers from the market, pretty girls dressed in their Sunday best, strolls in the park, the possibilities are endless. Today is the first Sunday of April, which excites me in so many ways.  The sun is out shinning and Spring has arrived, which means the flowers are a bloom and the pastels are a plenty.  Here’s to a perfect spring Sunday, however you plan to spend it. 

Be sure to stop buy tomorrow, I have a fun interactive post planned for all of you

Its been awhile….

5 Mar
Hello my lovely readers, I hope I haven’t lost too many of you! I know it’s been quite awhile since my last post, but I must say the world of Fallon has been a crazy one.  I have been quite busy since we last spoke.  Lets see, I learned how to make French macarons, flew a teeny tiny little plan over Hartford, CT, dropped on my little pup in San Francisco before heading to La La Land and Orange County… next stop is DC.  So as you can see life has been busy.  Fun and exciting, but busy nonetheless.  But I can tell you this while it has been awhile, I’m back and have lots to share, so hopefully at least a few of you have stuck around. 
Speaking of “awhile”…. I sure has been awhile since I have taken my bicycle out for a ride and with the nice sunshine ad mild weather we are having in NYC today I think I might have to show him some love today! I can’t wait for Spring to officially be here, when every day is perfect and I can ride my bicycle all weekend long! 

Style Soulmates: Chartreuse Ruffles

6 Feb
I am so in love with the new duchesse ruffle shorts from jcrew and this waterfall ruffle duvet from Urban Outfitters is equally as lovely. 

J.Crew… About A Shoe

29 Jan

My BFF and I just so happen to be planning a trip to Italy this year, were thinking September… (more on that later), which is why when I came across this video I got even more excited about planning my trip.  Now if only I could get a visit to the J.Crew shoe factory on my itinerary, I would be set. I so want to be Jenna when I grow up.  sigh… watch the video below and you’ll understand.